Why Veterinary Telemedicine Has a Bright Future?


The veterinary profession is embracing telemedicine to provide round-the-clock pet care services that reduce the loads on pet clinics and hospitals. Unless your pet has some severe health problems, telemedicine can be pretty effective.  

When you narrate your pet’s health problem to the Veterinarians for pets over the phone or chat and describe any behavioral changes that you might observe in your pet, in most cases, the vet can use the information to diagnose the problem initiate treatment. 

The option of telemedicine gained more popularity during the Covid19 pandemic when the restrictions like physical distancing and avoiding crowded places compelled medical professionals to offer online care for continuing the health services to the extent possible. 

Although the initial impetus for telemedicine for pets was the fallout of the Covid19 pandemic, widespread discussions are going around about adopting the service model for pet care in the future. Veterinary hospitals and veterinary doctors are relying on innovation and technology to maintain the standard of client and patient care. 

Although telemedicine is not new to the veterinary sector and has been in place for more than a hundred years, monetizing the services is a current phenomenon. In the process, it provides better pet care with more convenience and assurance to pet owners. 

Why telemedicine in the veterinary field has a bright future will become clear after going through this article. 

Better customer service

The easy and convenient ways of communicating with vets online allow them to provide better customer service. Pet owners who do not have the time to take their pets to vets can consult the vet online and interact with them closely by sharing photos, texts, or videos as deemed suitable for describing the pet’s health condition.  If your pet has some skin problems, sharing pictures of the affected areas while explaining the situation to the vet will help in proper diagnosis and treatment. 

Online consultations are also effective for post-surgical follow-up for cases of spay and neuter when clients can send photographs or a short video of the incision for the vet to understand the progress in healing.  The pet owner can also seek advice for faster healing. Since telemedicine allows closer interaction with vets, clients can seek guidance for taking the next steps.

Faster diagnosis and monitoring

Conditions of uncomplicated vomiting and diarrhea for pets with a history of being fed with the food they are not supposed to, uncomplicated otitis, and flea infestations are typical cases suitable for treating telemedicine. Quick access to vets at any hour of the day ensures that the problems are tackled early so that pets do not suffer for long and avoid aggravation.   Vets can direct pet owners about the kind of diseases that are suitable for online treatment.

Ensure general wellness

Online consultations with vets are an opportunity for pet owners to upgrade their knowledge and information about the latest trends in pet care so that they can ensure the wellness and wellbeing of their pets without referring to vets on and often.

It saves time and money for pet owners who also enjoy complete peace of mind.

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