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Just like fashion, SEO trends seem to be changing with every new season. And just like fashion, some basics never go out of style – optimizing keywords, providing quality content, and building backlinks. Like pretty much any industry that has an online presence, fashion can greatly benefit from good SEO, and brands and individual bloggers who want to get ranked high on Google can use these techniques to reach wider audiences.

Style bloggers need to take SEO seriously if they want to get their blogs on the first page of Google. Here are some effective techniques that will help.

Put quality over quantity

It takes more than just posting every day. Anyone can produce shabby content and publish an article on a daily basis, but this won’t get you very far when it comes to rankings – in fact, Google is likely to penalize you for bad content by marking it as spam, which means a page (or your entire website) might drop down in rankings. 

The truth is this – you don’t have to post every day, but you do have to post quality content that’s useful to people. For the world of fashion, this means good articles that are keeping up to date with style trends and plenty of high-quality images of the latest fashion.

Research keywords

Researching keywords boils down to figuring out what kind of search terms people type into Google, and what the user intent is behind each specific keyword. If you find and implement these kinds of keywords into your content, Google will rank it higher. Of course, this is a complex job that’s difficult to do without proper tools and experience. 

To stay ahead of the game and continuously create relevant content infused with pertinent keywords, you can rely on free SEO tools to help you research, refine your keywords based on your location, and get higher click-through rates for your ad campaigns. This will help Google understand the purpose of your educational and promotional content, and thus rank you better to help customers find you with ease.

Get backlinks

When another site links back to yours, that’s called a backlink. This builds up your domain rating and helps your ranks. To build your backlinks, reach out to other fashion bloggers and ask to write a guest post that will link back to your website. 

Analyze competition 

Always keep an eye on your competitors. Monitor organic key words that appear in their texts, and analyze their backlinks. If you know which websites are linking back to your competitors, you’ll know which sites to get in contact with so you could offer them your stylish expertise. 

Also check whether you and your competitors are trying to rank for the same keyword – if they’re currently winning the race, this means it’s time to optimize the content on your website and either introduce more keywords, or attempt to rank for different, less competitive ones.   

Don’t forget the backend

Content articles and other types of blog posts aren’t the only things you can optimize with keywords – alt tags on images, meta descriptions and titles, and URLs are almost as equally important and can be changed to suit your purpose. 

Optimize images

If your website takes more than three seconds to load, about 40% of people will simply abandon it. One of the most frequent causes of slow-loading web pages are big images that take up a lot of site’s resources. Resizing and compressing images, and choosing the correct formats during upload can significantly increase loading times. You can use a simple tool like TinyPNG if you need a free image compressor. 

Optimize for mobile

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, it might as well not exist. Everyone’s using handheld devices these days, and they’re scrolling through your website on the go. If you can’t provide your readers with a good mobile experience, they’ll simply go to your competitor, who will give them what they need. 

Work in tandem with social media

Social media is a great tool, especially when paired with SEO. Simply being active on social media can help you build influence and brand presence. Increase your reach by engaging with your audience, post on social media daily, and you’ll quickly build up your website authority. 


If nothing sets you apart from the rest, then you’ll become just another drop in the endless ocean of fashion websites that are all trying to rank in Google. Think about what you bring to the table that no one else does. When it comes to content, when it comes to web design, when it comes to presentation (and ultimately when it comes to fashion itself), it’s important to be a trendsetter. Rely on tried and true SEO techniques, but don’t lose your own voice. 

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