Nikki & Jill


“You can’t make this stuff up” seems to be the collective response when Goldstein and Weiss-Goldstein share the story of how they met.

Nikki Weiss Goldstein lived in Philadelphia and Jill Goldstein lived in New Jersey. It was the summer of 1982 and the location was an overnight camp nestled deep in the Pocono mountains. This is where all of the east coast children spent their summers.

At just 10 years old Weiss-Goldstein met her very first love who was none other than Goldstein’s older brother. For two summers they remained boyfriend and girlfriend, holding hands and going to the camp dances.

In 1984, Jill Goldstein who was just 8 years old attended over night camp for the first time. She idolized her brother’s girlfriend. The two instantly formed a youthful bond that would end up being the foundation of a loving partnership. But first, a quarter of a century would pass by…

After a twenty five year hiatus, the two reunited on a camp website in the Fall of 2008. It took only days to rekindle the special connection they knew as children and only moments to recognize the brewing attraction as adults. Ironically they both resided in California, Goldstein in San Francisco and Weiss-Goldstein in Los Angeles. They also both worked in the advertising industry, Weiss-Goldstein representing feature film and commercial directors to the ad world while Goldstein worked as an account manager at an ad agency.

Nikki and Jill now reside together in Los Angeles where they collaborate in both work and love. Nikki is a producer and rep, handling the industry’s top directors of the feature and commercial world. Jill is a writer/producer, creating commercial treatments for A-level directors and writing for NBC Universal’s branded entertainment group as well as award shows such as the American Music Awards and The Independent Spirit Awards. Together, the two have created and co-produced two television pilots and a documentary feature. Their life was documented on season one of the hit Showtime series THE REAL L WORD.

Nikki & Jill married in a private ceremony in Malibu on October 9th, 2010. As fate would have it, they are expecting their first child on their second wedding anniversary October 9th, 2012.

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