Sex during the Pandemic: 8 Ways to Spice Up the Lockdown


With the current global pandemic on the rise, governments are initiating lockdowns to slow the infection rate. That said, however, being in lockdown doesn’t mean that you can’t have some naughty fun! So with that in mind: here are seven ways to spice up the lockdown during sex!

  1. Have a drink

Before I get into this one please be careful and drink responsibly!

With that said, a glass of wine or whatever you prefer may be a good way to relax a bit before getting into it. Like I said before, however, be careful; alcohol affects your central nervous system and slows everything down. This can negatively affect arousal; it can also send your coordination out the window – which can lead to some awkward or uncomfortable situations.

Simply put: too much alcohol and you won’t be able to do a whole lot.

  1. Talk, Talk, Talk

Talking…every article about sex mentions talking at some point in some way, shape, or form. This is simply because talking is one of, if not the most important aspect of a relationship. Communication before, during and after sex is vital to keeping your relationship alive.

Pillow talk or post-intercourse intimacy is a time for couples to bond. You exchange stories, tell jokes, kiss, cuddle and otherwise show affection for each other. This will strengthen your relationship; lessening performance anxiety and improving performance overall.

Dirty talk is another line of communication which is basically using some rather…colourful terms to describe what you like. A quick note on this: not everyone will have the same reactions so be careful what you say – the idea is to turn ON your partner and get them excited not turn them off of sex altogether!

  1. Toys

Sex toys can make things interesting and thereby exciting in your bedroom during the lockdown. Of course, it can also make things very, very awkward without the proper preparation; slow and steady wins the race – as the saying goes. Talk to your partner about it and start off slow.

Maybe try coaching your partner a bit on what you’d like them to do and how to do it; this makes it a little easier for them – especially the first time around – to actually give and experience pleasure themselves. Starting off slow may not sound like much but it’ll draw the experience out and intensify the pleasure of an orgasm.

  1. Your Phone can be Useful

Okay, so most of the previously listed methods can be done with a partner but what about in isolation? Well, as odd as it sounds; your mobile phone can be useful. You likely already know where this is going but if you and/or your partner are self-isolating to prevent the spread of Covid-19 then physical sex may not be an option for a while.

Note I said ‘physical’ sex may not be an option; this is where your phone comes in. Phone sex or sexting can certainly spice up a lockdown for a while.

  1. Video Chat

Speaking of phone sex and/or sexting, video chat has become very popular recently. It therefore stands to reason that sex via video chat would be a thing. Now, this is something that probably isn’t the best idea and should only ever be done with someone you know isn’t going to be saving the video and showing it off to friends. That said, it can potentially add some excitement to the lockdown experience.

  1. Self-Pleasure

According to the New York City Health Department, You are your safest partner…yes, that’s right; masturbation is not going to spread Covid-19. With lockdowns being strictly enforced in most places in-person dating is not really possible. With that in mind, sexual gratification doesn’t necessarily require a partner; pleasuring yourself is a good way to ease some tension without risk of contracting Covid-19.

  1. Use an Enhancer

Yes, as clichéd as it sounds; using a performance enhancer (i.e. Viagra) can be a good way to spice up the bedroom – particularly if/when you’re stressed out beforehand. Stress can cause some problems with your sexual performance which enhancers can somewhat mitigate.

It’s important to note that performance enhancing drugs like Viagra require a prescription to purchase/use in some countries. Although, even in the event that it’s not a prescription drug wherever you are in the world; seeing a doctor before using enhancers of any kind would be advisable; after all these drugs can have some serious side-effects when used incorrectly.

  1. Try different sex positions

Now that you have the time, it is worth experimenting with different sex positions. There is no reason just to stay with the standard missionary (man on top) position when there are hundreds of variations to explore. Why not go at it in a different way each day? You can become an expert with Kamasutra.

In Conclusion:

Sex is fine – so long as it’s with a long-term partner (and neither one of you is sick) and not just a random quickie with someone you just met. These methods will spice up your love life during lockdown without much difficulty but some of them may require some patient planning and getting used to.

With that in mind, stay safe and have fun!


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