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Orgasming In Public. There are a million articles out there on how to spice up your sex life because let’s face it, things can get as stale as biscuits that have been left out for a few days and no one likes stale biscuits!  It’s usually the same advice, wear sexy new lingerie, pretend to be strangers, do some role playing, bring food items like chocolate or whipped cream into the bedroom, make time for the two of you, talk dirty, have sex somewhere different, that sort of stuff.  These are great suggestions but what I recommend is much more risqué than that and really gets my pulse racing.

How would you like to orgasm in public without being touched by anyone and without anyone knowing?  Vibrating panties can do just that for you.  They’re panties that have a vibrator in them that can give you all the stimulation you need.  They can be controlled by either yourself or your partner via a phone or a remote control.  Vibrators have come a long way since they were invented to cure hysteria.

The first thing I did was test out the vibrating panties while sitting down at home to make sure it would stimulate me enough.  Once I got everything in the right position I didn’t allow myself to orgasm.  It was all about a test run to make sure it works for me.  I had some decisions to make, where did I want to use it the first time and who should be in control, should it be me or my partner?  Seeing as I knew that the vibrating panties would work for me from my test run, I decided to make my first time exciting and memorable but also without the chance of getting caught so that I wasn’t overly nervous.  I did not want to do it around people I know like has been done on youtube pranks.

I let my partner be in complete control of the device and decided that a quiet park would be a good choice for my first time.  I didn’t want to be in control of the remote because I thought it would be more of a thrill the first time to let my partner be in control.  After all, you only get one chance to do something for the first time.  My partner knows that I don’t like the stimulation to be too strong too quickly and he needs to build me up.  I’m not just a switch you can flick and basically I demand that you take your time and pleasure me properly which is completely reasonable!  If I allow you to pleasure me, you have to do it properly and not be in a rush, it’s not a race.  It isn’t better for me if I orgasm in one minute instead of ten.  I’m not going to live my life not getting the sexual satisfaction that I want!  There’s 24 hours in a day, taking ten minutes to satisfy me properly isn’t asking much.  See, perfectly reasonable.  Rant over.

My first time using vibrating panties was a little awkward because I was a bit self conscious at first about making any moaning noises or the faces I was pulling just in case someone saw me.  My partner was watching me the whole time so he could keep an eye out if anyone was about to pop around the corner and catch me.  That helped me relax and I did orgasm once I relaxed but it was a strange sensation to be sitting there in a park, having no one touch me, not even myself and be orgasming.  After I did it the first time, I became far more comfortable with the concept of orgasming somewhere where I could get caught and then it became a massive thrill for me.

Other places I’ve used vibrating panties?  A movie theatre is a good option because oral sex can be challenging at a movie theatre.  Movies are usually loud and if you pick a relatively empty session and sit away from others, you don’t have to worry about the noise from the vibrator.  Also, because it’s dark, no one can see the look on your face and if they do see your face they probably just think you’re really enjoying the movie.

I even use it at home.  When I’m in the mood, what we do is turn off the lights, light some candles, turn on some slow music and just hold each other and do some slow dancing while the vibrator is on the slowest setting.  It’s spectacular.  There’s just something so sensual about it.

If you’re interested in adding a little naughtiness in your life, I highly recommend vibrating panties, there are many options to choose from so make sure you pick a decent one.  You don’t want to have all this nervous anticipation about your new toy and it be a cheap one that doesn’t get the job done properly, that would be a massive let down.

Guest Post by Vikki

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