How Marijuana Affects Your Sex Life

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How Marijuana Affects Your Sex Life. For centuries, people used marijuana as a source of pain relief, and increasingly, the medical community condones the use of the plant medicinally for many conditions. Nearly half the United States and Washington DC have legalized the use of medicinal marijuana so far. About time they got with the program — right?

Puffing a little weed relaxes you on those down days and gives your whole body hope that the world will turn itself around — the sun will shine tomorrow, and all that jazz. Who needs Xanax when you got Mary J to chill with? She also improves your sex life with her minxy magic. Here’s how.

Mary J Makes Sex Better

Haters gonna hate. Gateway drug? Nah. Addictive? Nope. Ruins your life? There’s a little death all right, but it’s the sexy, healthy kind.

Mary J is good for more than a few puffs of the magic dragon. Mama MJ sets fire to your sex life. Relaxation, stimulation and health benefits — what’s not to love? Make those orgasms a little more ultra with these five ways marijuana positively affects your sex life.

Nearly Effortless Orgasm

Nearly one in three women can’t orgasm during sex or have trouble climaxing. However, Mary J came to save the sexytime today.

When you smoke, the brain receptor CB1 gets turned on in more ways that one —  your general euphoria and tactile perceptions improve. You get a body high, feel more sensual and sex feels more intense due to your increased sensitivity. Take a few tokes or bites of out of a yummy, infused baked good and hit new octaves that make your neighbors green with envy.

Mary J Gives You More Stamina

Worn out when doing it, but don’t feel like hitting the gym? Get your stamina in with Mary J — in one study, 75 percent of participants boosted their stamina when they smoked before a sexual encounter.

Achieve More Intense Orgasms

The sky falls. The Earth shatters. Life as you know it shifts, and you see dimensions you never have before.

Thank Mary J for helping you achieve more intense orgasms in advance — for example, smoking weed and rough sex made one woman orgasm for weeks. She kept orgasming for hours without stimulation.

That’s like an extreme lady case of “Man Takes All the Viagra Ever and Suffers the Painful Prick Consequences” headliners. Blow your mind and put the sprinkler system in your lawn to shame.

Weed Helps Couples Get Along

Couples who smoke together stay together due to fighting less. Weed opens you up emotionally due to the THC attaching to your cannabinoid receptors and affecting your emotional processing — aside from the obvious effect of stress reduction. The closer you feel emotionally, the better sex you have.

Mama MJ is a Natural Aphrodisiac

Weed alters your mood and enhances sexual desire with emotional and sensory boosts. Marijuana is a natural aphrodisiac, and cannabis affects women more than men sexually — 90 percent of women experienced heightened arousal after partaking in one study, whereas 76 percent of men said it enhanced their sexual experiences. For men, too much cannabis may lower testosterone levels, and experts advise against consuming more than 120 milligrams if they don’t want to face sexual impairments for 12 hours or more.

You don’t need Lady Luck to get lucky — take a ride with Mary Jane to get a sexual health boost, particularly when it comes to mind-blowing orgasms.

A little cannabis goes a long way to improving your sex life on multiple levels. You emotionally, mentally and physically connect with your partner as previous barriers feel trivial in the heightened sensual experience of getting to know your partner in deeper ways.

Kara Reynolds
Kara Reynolds is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Momish Magazine. A mom of four and matriarch to her big blended family, Kara wants nothing more than to normalize differences in family structures. She enjoys peeing alone, pancakes, and pinot noir - but not at the same time.
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