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Remember that time when your guy came over but he didn’t actually cum ‘cos he was so out of shape that you had to stop every once in a while? No, not THAT time when he couldn’t last long, but the time before that. Yeah, that was awkward. All that panting and grunting for nothing, huh? Hey, at least you cuddled. That was… fun, right?

Sex matters

You don’t really have to be a genius to understand the frustrations of a bad sex life. No, not having sex is totally different from having bad sex, and here’s why: when you are not sexually active, your body and mind, sort of adapt to the circumstance and find joy elsewhere. However, having bad sex leads to pent-up anger, frustration and ultimately – disappointment. How so? Well, once your brain and body sync and they get wired towards pleasure but end up being denied the pleasure they’d expected, they get confused and, obviously, disturbed. Although a lack of sex altogether won’t do that much harm to your body, mind, and mood (if worst comes to worst you’ll masturbate more), bad sex will gradually turn you into a frustrated nutjob focused on that one thing you can’t have – good sex. The worst scenario? You’ll possibly start relating sexual arousal to negative experiences and emotional traumas, further losing the desire for sex on the whole. Ouch!

Yes, you can salvage things

While your favorite food, books, binge-watching of Stranger Things, that double-glazed chocolate cake from Mama’s Bakery and countless haul videos can be an awesome distraction from not having sex, they’ll never be as good as sex. Sorry. No, scratch that – they’ll never be as good as great sex. So, how do you fix things? We’ll get to it in a second.

Still, before we do tell you the secret to having mind-blowing sex, we have to tell you this: if you and your partner don’t have good chemistry, there’s nothing in this world that can salvage the sex. Or the relationship. Naturally, the reasons behind bad sex may be of a deeper character: emotional distance, lack of love or thrill in the relationship, individual traumas, etc. However, let’s just presume all is well with you two (chemistry included), but the sex is failing; what are you to do? Ready for the good stuff? Okay.

Believe it or a not – regular workouts are the answer to your bedroom troubles. Working out has proven to be not just the answer to a lean physique and a healthy body and mind, but it’s tested positive as the key aspect of perfect bedroom fun! And, when you think about it, things do make sense. Once your body gets in shape and your stamina charges up, your sex drive is ready to kill. Kill in the bedroom, that is. Or in the shower. Or a car. Yes, in the park too. Well, pretty much anywhere.

Let’s break things down for a second and talk about what starts happening to you once you start working out:

Your body image changes

With the body changes, your perception of it changes, too. Both women and men subconsciously relate their physical appearance with their sexual performance and desirability altogether. So, the fact that people who see themselves as fit have better sex, i.e. more enjoyable, longer and orgasmic doesn’t really come as a surprise, does it?

You reach orgasm faster

Wanna keep your libido pumped and your orgasms in check? Go have a workout! Research shows that frequent exercising leads to quicker arousal as well as faster and more intense orgasms.

With proper cardiovascular exercise, the blood circulates faster through the body, leaving the entire vaginal and penile area super responsive to touch and pleasure.

Our advice is to invest in the proper bodybuilding shoes and start lifting some weights! As opposed to cardio, it will get you fit, pumped, and ready to roll. Hey, it’s not just for you – it’s for your partner, too!

Your endurance increases

Let’s just say adding two more sets of kettlebell lunges to your workout will make your partner VERY happy!

By using energy in a more efficient way, regular physical activity trains your muscles to hold out longer and improves stamina altogether. The result? No more premature pausing to give your lil’ arms and legs a break – it’s all about epic sex now!

Final words

In conclusion, all we’ve got to say is: stop the sex sob-fest and start working out if you plan on having awesome sex, being happy and satisfied. Okay? Good. Glad we sorted that one out.


Guest Post by: Samantha Olivier

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