How to Banish Confidence Issues in the Bedroom and Enjoy Sex


Confidence issues in the bedroom when it comes to sex are common in both men and women. After all, stripping off naked in front of somebody else can be nerve-wracking in and of itself, and for those who already have self-esteem and self-confidence issues, sex can cause these to come to the forefront, often leading to anxiety and worries about sexual performance. But, the key to good sex is simply to not worry about it and enjoy the moment, something that’s incredibly difficult to do if you’re stressed out about how well you’re doing. We’ve put together some top tips to help you improve your self-confidence and esteem when it comes to sex.

Supplements and Enhancement Products

For men, one of the main things that they are concerned about when it comes to sexual performance is the size of their penis. Although many women will agree that size really isn’t everything when it comes to enjoying sex and feeling satisfied, having a larger penis can certainly help men to feel more confident in themselves and give them a boost when they’re in the bedroom. If this is something that’s holding you back from enjoying sex, enhancement products such as the Bathmate can help with natural penis growth and enlargement.

Sex Therapy

If your worries and anxiety about sex and your performance in the bedroom are hindering your sex life and causing problems between you and your partner, signing up for sex therapy could be an excellent idea. A good sex therapist will work with you both as a couple, or as individuals if you prefer, in order to help you deal with the feelings of stress and anxiety regarding your performance, and to help you to find healthy ways to combat this and begin to enjoy sex again.

Talk to Your Partner

Often, simply talking to your partner and telling them how you are feeling can help you to get everything off your chest. Not only that, this will also give you the chance to see things from their perspective and realise that actually, you’re worried about something that they may not even have considered. Being open with your partner and telling them exactly what you are going through when it comes to confidence and self-esteem in the bedroom will give them the chance to reassure you and do whatever they can to help.

Look After Yourself

Last but not least, simply looking after yourself can be the best way to get a confidence boost, both sexually and in every other aspect of your life. For example, making an effort to eat healthier foods and exercise more often will result in you feeling stronger, healthier and more energetic, and could even contribute to weight loss and a nicer figure, all of which can improve your confidence in the bedroom. Along with that, looking after yourself can help to improve your heart health and blood flow, which will help to improve your sexual performance and restore your self-confidence in the bedroom.

Have you successfully overcome hang-ups and anxiety about having sex? We’d love to hear your top tips in the comments.

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