My Top Online Dating Profile Don’ts For Men


My Top Online Dating Profile Don’ts For Men

Can I be blunt for a minute?

It’s exhausting and extremely boring to keep seeing the same lazy profiles on dating site after dating site.  Here is a list of online dating profile don’ts I keep coming in contact repeatedly. Guys, it’s time read up on the below if you want to attract a great, quality woman.


  • Too many of your pictures involve rocking out sunglasses. One sunglasses picture is OK but if almost every single one of your pictures involves you rocking out shades how is anyone supposed to figure out what you really look like? Plus, they say your eyes are the window to your soul. I’m a woman so I kind of want to get to know your soul…..


  • Too many of your pictures are just group photos. First off, how the hell am I supposed to tell which one is you? Second, it’s great you have so many friends but the message I’m getting is that you probably won’t have any time for me since you have so many friends. Third, most of the time when I DO figure out which one you are I end up thinking your friends in the picture are hotter anyways.


  • Your main profile picture involves sticking your tongue out. Excuse me? Are you twelve? Seriously. This isn’t cute and shows me that you are kind of an idiot and aren’t taking your dating profile seriously at all.


  • You have a shirtless picture. Trust me, I looooooove a guy with a great six pack but I don’t want to see your six pack until at LEAST date three. Keep it a mystery for a bit guys if you want to attract a true lady. If you want to just get laid well I guess then that’s a different story so post away…..


  • All your profile pictures involve action shots. I get it, you like to snowboard, mountain climb, hike, surf, dirt bike. Yawn. I’m glad you have hobbies, but I want to get to know the real you. Maybe post one or two action shots since it’s something you enjoy doing but that’s it.


  • Posting pictures with kids that aren’t yours. OK. If you have a kid I totally get wanting to post a picture of them on your dating profile. But, posting someone’s random kid and then stating “don’t worry ladies she’s not mine” is just plain stupid.


  • You only post one picture. Seriously? Just one picture? Thanks so much for taking the time to post one picture of yourself. I’m going to put in the same amount of time looking at your profile as you took to create it by swiping left. I’m searching for someone who puts a little more thought into their dating profile.

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