Signs That This Time it Might be True Love


Finding true love is the aim of most of us. But it’s not easy to find. Most relationships we go through aren’t true love, even if we might think they are at the time. Here are some signs that this time it might be true love!

Your Own Happiness Means Less

If you’re willing to sacrifice your own happiness for the happiness of your partner, that’s a sure-fire sign that this might be true love. I’m not talking about making an effort to make other people happy out of obligation. I’m talking about the times when your own happiness genuinely means less to you than the happiness of the other person. This kind of complete selflessness is very rare, and it only seems to happen when you’re in love with someone. And if your partner feels the same way, you’re onto a good thing!

Silences Aren’t Awkward

When you spend a lot of time with someone, there are going to be silences when no one wants to say anything. The big test is whether these silences are comfortable and fine or awkward and bad. When you’re asking yourself “what are the signs I’m in love?” This is one of the easiest ways to answer your own question. This might not be something that happens quickly, but it should happen eventually if you’re experiencing true love rather than just another fun fling that won’t go any further.

Compromises Are Easy to Make

Relationships are all about giving and taking. Compromises aren’t easy most of the time. But one sign that this time you might be experiencing true love is if compromises become easier and easier to make. No relationship can survive if there isn’t a lot of compromise on both sides of the relationship. And if those compromises are difficult to make, that could be a sign that this relationship doesn’t represent true love. This might be difficult to accept, but it could be true.

The Burden is Shared

When a relationship really means something, it doesn’t just mean you share the goods. When it’s true love, the burden is shared between you. Of course, anyone can force themselves to help someone and share their burden. But when the relationship means something, you want to share the burdens, and you want to help the other person, no matter how difficult it might be. This is a feeling that develops over time, but when it arrives, it’s a great sign that this relationship might be the one that lasts.

It’s Easier to Make an Effort

Making an effort when you’re in a relationship can mean all sorts of things. It could mean making an effort in how you look, or making an effort to help someone, or making an effort to make the other person happy. But the point is, it becomes much easier to make an effort when you’re in a relationship with someone who you love and are committed to. If you’re the kind of person who is quite independent and individual, making an effort to do things for the benefit of someone else can be a huge step.



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