Relationship Goals: 5 Tips for Couples Camping


Relationship Goals: 5 Tips for Couples Camping. Camping is a great way to take a vacation if you’re a nature lover. You can get in touch with nature and your inner self, and if you go camping with your significant other, you can use that experience to bond further. Here are five tips on how to make your camping trip pleasurable for both of you.


Before even starting your trip, make sure you talk about it. You’d better be clear with each other about what you expect from the trip, what you’re looking forward to, or what’s bothering you.It’s perfectly OK to admit that you’re worried about the elements, a mattress to sleep on, wild animals or even bugs, especially if one of you is going camping for the first time. Also, you need to discuss where you want to go; if you’d prefer a place with pools, electricity, a store and a bunch of other people, or you’d much rather go somewhere secluded, without any facilities. If you are straightforward about your expectations and desires, you will avoid any misunderstandings and frustration of being bored for a week or so.

Divide your tasks

Make sure you both have your tasks! You can divide them completely, or do some of them together. For example, one of you can put up the tent and take care of the outside, while the other takes care of the inside, which includes setting up sleeping pads and sleeping bags, and arranging the supplies. If one camper ends up doing most of the work, they will be upset and resent the partner, which could lead to a lot of negativity. Since that’s something you definitely want to avoid on your vacation, divide your tasks even before you leave home. Your trip should, in a way, reflect your relationship, which is why it’s crucial that you both contribute equally and maintain a positive attitude.

Be prepared


Arriving at your campsite and realizing you’ve forgotten something essential can ruin your vacation, so before you start your trip, make sure you’re well prepared for it. Make a checklist and stick to it! You will fully enjoy your trip only if your tent and your sleeping bags are of premium quality, so invest in some quality camping gear, like tents, sleeping bags and camping tools. Although snuggling with your partner to keep each other warm sounds super romantic, freezing all night in the middle of nowhere won’t be any fun. Therefore, check the weather forecast for the area you’re visiting, and buy sleeping bags rated for the right temperature range. Pack your supplies in plastic boxes and label them clearly so that you know where everything is, and where you can put the things away when you’re not using them. This will also make it easier when you return home, since you’ll know what to wash and put away, and what can stay in the boxes for next year.

Cook and eat together

The fact that you’re outdoors and probably in some form of wilderness doesn’t mean that you can’t cook amazing meals. The key is thinking ahead, so plan your meals before you set off, and bring all the ingredients and spices you think you’ll need. Both of you should participate in creating the menu, so that everybody can have the meals they really like. Bring enough snacks, like fruit, nuts or granola bars, as well as pasta, rice and perhaps some pre-made sauces. Whatever you make at home and bring along will make it easier to prepare great meals quickly and with little effort. Don’t forget your coffee or tea for that relaxing morning routine, and a cup of something you can chat over. And whatever you eat, eat it together and enjoy your surroundings.

Do what you love


Camping allows you to do some amazing outdoor activities, so choose your camping spot in accordance with what you like doing. For example, if one of you enjoys fishing, choose to camp next to a lake or a river. If you prefer hiking, opt for a mountain or the edge of a forest. It doesn’t matter if you simply want to read books in the open air or you want to go canoeing; find a way to do what each of you likes and spend as much time together as possible while doing your favorite activities. Finally, after every active day, take some time to enjoy the peace and quiet. Use it to talk and open up to each other, and let the trip bring you closer together.

Making your camping trip stress-free and fun will allow you to share positive experiences, build your relationship and make it stronger. And with good planning and preparations, you can relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest!


Guest Post by Luke Douglas

Twitter: @mrlukeidouglas

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