Quarantine and Chill: How to Stay Safe on Dating Apps


If you are single during the pandemic, things can get tricky. Dating is challenging enough even without the virus outbreak. And with a barrage of restrictions in place, dating apps are almost the only way to meet someone for many women out there.

It is no surprise that online dating is thriving more than ever. With COVID-19 at play, dating apps have seen an increase in video calls, messages sent, and the length of conversations. 

These apps and virtual dates may allow us to take things slower and form deeper bonds with other people. And due to current circumstances and efforts to reduce the spread of the virus, experts recommend virtual dating as the safest way to date. 

Online dating can be a great way to make romantic connections, but there are some things to keep in mind so you are safe while looking for love.

Fact-checking is a must

Do your research both on the people you are talking to and the dating platforms you plan to use. There are many useful articles out there on the most popular apps. When you match with someone, devote some time to Googling them and checking their social media profiles.

If you happen to have any mutual friends or followers, ask them about your match. 

It is important that you feel comfortable with the person you are talking to before taking the next step. So, before you decide to have a phone call or a video call, make sure that you are not just okay with the profile you saw.

Set boundaries on dating apps

Sometimes we resort to people-pleasing, especially when we like someone. We want to keep them interested and engaged so we may do things we are not completely okay with.

Remember this: the guys worth dating won’t pressure you into doing anything you are not comfortable with. So, be clear about your boundaries and make sure to always keep your best interest in mind. 

Don’t do anything that feels uncomfortable or that is not aligned with your true values. You don’t have to share anything (nudes, sexts, or any of your personal information) until you authentically feel you want to!

Cyber tips

Only share what is necessary on dating apps, and don’t use your full name. Sharing your name, location, and occupation can make you an easy target for scammers. Also, to ensure you are safe, create separate, strong, and unique passwords for your online dating and social media accounts.

Fiber internet provides an added layer of security, as networks made of fiber are almost impossible to hack. It’s a great solution to transfer your data safely and avoid them getting compromised. 

Sometimes you feel connected with a person you match with, but before taking things further, make sure to get comfortable with messaging first. 

Don’t get too personal too soon, and if you are sensing some bad vibes, trust your gut.

When you are feeling naughty 

Many people want to spice things up when they feel mutual attraction, and it’s perfectly fine. We are sexual beings too, and why not express that sensual side of us? It can create more sparks in the relationship.

But you should also keep in mind that your intimate pictures or sexy videos might get shared without your consent. To prevent any uncomfortable situations, tailor your nudes to conceal your identity as much as possible.

Keep them anonymous by leaving your face out. And don’t forget about any identifiable features of yours like tattoos, birthmarks, or scars. Exclude them as well.  

When taking sexy pictures, always turn off your location so the photo can’t be traced back to you.

If things go south

Your date might go in an inappropriate direction, or you may feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, so craft an exit plan to weather the storm. When it comes to virtual dates, you can simply hang up and unmatch the person.

But if you decide to meet someone in person, pick a public place that is accessible by any transportation means so you can easily get away. And don’t let your date pick you up at home when you are seeing them for the first few times.

Things may go south, so it’s best to avoid any potential unpleasantries. 

And let at least one of your trusted friends know where you are going, who your date is, and how things are progressing. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to leave.

Staying safe during Coronavirus

Various health guidelines have been published to help us have safer sex during the pandemic. Unfortunately for all single ladies out there, sexual interactions with persons outside of your household are not advised. 

Instead, we are all recommended to get creative and satisfy our sexual needs in less risky ways like sexting, chaturbating, via phone, or video sex. 

And finally, always trust your gut! If you feel that something is off, take action accordingly. 

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