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What has this world come to? Can I Seriously not find a decent man to date at a bar, or even through a friend? Do I have to snuggle up at night with my computer to shift through all the guys that claim on their profile that they like, “long walks on the beach?” Yeah right, guys!  But hey, I do it anyways.


When it comes to online dating it seems that you have to first and foremost know what you want. If you don’t, then which site will you sign up for? There’s so many options out there, from,,,,, and the list just goes on and on. So being specific in what you want seems to reign as the most important rule of thumb. And ladies FYI:  You are not a whore if you are on more than one dating site.  So keep your options open and don’t judge.


So the next question is, how do I really fill out these silly profile questions like, “What do you do on a Friday night, or What are you doing with your life?” Yes! Be honest ladies about what you want and who you are looking for, even though guys generally are going to glance at your profile pictures first.


When selecting profile pictures make sure to put up a picture that isn’t overly sexy. Do you really need to be that desperate to grab the attention of the opposite sex by exposing your who-ha-ha cleavage?  Yes you want to put your hot pictures up, but really do you look like that on a daily basis or every morning you awake?  Lets face it, guys think about sex all day long. If they could only see beyond the pound of makeup and your sexy booty skirt, then hopefully they read that profile you have poured your heart and soul into selling your single self. That’s assuming the guy has half a brain and can read past the third grade.


After that, start searching for that guy!


Online dating is hard to do because it can make you feel incompetent in the world of dating. But hey look on the bright side, if the guys pays to be on the site, then you have a better chance in meeting a guy that is interested in a relationship than in a one night stand. Now you will run across the occasional guys that wants to talk dirty to you online, but you just have to weed them out.


So what’s the deal with online dating? Why has it become so popular? Well it seems to me that there is so much stimulation in all of our lives. Especially when you live in a big city, like Los Angeles. Men in big cities seem to be focusing solely on their career or lack there of. Also city men are looking for the next best thing, or the youngest and hottest. So what about all those southern boys that move to the city. Well you gotta catch them when their right off the plane, because their judgment or values seem to skew after a few short months of living in the city.


There is some good that comes out of online dating. If it works out in your favor you could get a great diner, decent conversation, and meet new people. In the process of online dating you have to use your best judgment about if your personalities really match. Often times as humans we use lust and attraction as reason to like someone. So I stress, to really drill them about your pet peeves. Makes sure to do it in a sly way that won’t scare them. See if it’s even worth your time to go on a first date. You can meet some really cool people who may or may not be “THE ONE” for you. Ultimately, you tried it, and you can say that I went on a date with a guy I meet off line, and survived.


What’s with the saying, “Stop looking for love, it comes when you least expect it?” Bullshit. If I’m not joining a group to meet people or going out after work with friends, then where am I going to meet the man of my dream? Sitting on my couch? Even sitting on the couch, I still want to surf the web for that perfect man that I hope is looking for me. So yeah when I’m out with my friends, am I just supposed to be content with not looking across the bar to find the cutest one in the place. I’m conflicted.


Trial and error ladies, but at the young age of THIRTY you have to do the DIRTY work to find Mr. Right.


Tips for the first date:

Meet in a public place of your choice

Tell a friend where you are going, or if your like me, Check-in on foursquare!

Agree to meet him there, don’t let him pick you up from your house or work.

Stay on neutral topics; likes & interests

Don’t bring your baggage to the table until after the 3rd date

And be opened minded.


~Starr Session

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Starr Session
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