Is it still called the “Walk of Shame” if you don’t have sex?


Is it still called the “Walk of Shame” if you don’t have sex?

And by sex I mean hook-up!

Last night I slept at a guy’s house who I used to have sex with. We are awesome together…get along great…great chemistry….but for some reason it just doesn’t work. Bottom line: we are both hot headed. He has his beliefs and I have mine. We have spent many late nights debating the age old story of the difference between men and women.

Shocking: We have never come to a conclusion.

He has his point of view and I have mine. That is okay…but our perspectives are at two very different ends of the spectrum. With that being said,  for me…. its not worth us having sex. I can’t just have sex with a guy anymore and keep my emotions detached. I don’t want to emit old, sticky emotions if I know we can’t date. So I slept at his house… cuddled, spooned, he tried to have sex with me…but we did not.

Is it wrong for me sleep at a guy’s house if I know I won’t have sex with him?

In the morning we had our “pillow talk”. We even came up with some great new titles for the website, talked about having a cup of coffee a day, his new gym regiment (how he is using ropes and kettle bells to stabilize his abs) and I complained about my weeks obstacles. Sounds like a typical relationship…right? But it is not one. We are friends!

If he showed our 12 hour interaction to his friends at lunch and presented me as a √ list what do you think they would say…???

She complained about her hard week (No )
She was worried about her weight gain from the late night eating (No )
She slept in her underwear. A half naked lady in bed ()
She didn’t talk too much. She let me sleep (definitely a )
She did not have sex with me (Absolutely No ).

I don’t want to assume…but I think his friends would say “Don’t ever call her again.”

The cons outweighed the pros, so I would probably not get the overall seal of approval √ mark. 

U make the decision!

We may never find the healthy balance between men and women and what is acceptable. But at least this morning when I got dropped off at my car (in my clothes from the night before) I got to start my typical morning.  I bought my disposable electric cigarette and my daily coffee, but I am the same girl as I was yesterday, not emotionally changed one bit. That is a √ mark for me.

I am sure he would not agree with me on that:)!

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Is it still called the "Walk of Shame" if you don't have sex?

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  1. Sarah Agajanian says:

    I’d call it the walk of pride. You got what you wanted which was attention and someone to sleep next to, you are allowed to do what ever you want. Men do it all the time.

  2. Yeah, nobody is perfect, you gotta pick and choose what works for you. I would call it a successful encounter. I am not a sex-driven egomaniac, from my prospective what you experienced would work for me from a relationship standpoint. I don’t always need to get laid to be happy. I would chalk this one up as win in my book any way you slice it.

  3. Christian Correa says:

    Haha there was a girl in my old town called “The Virgin Shacker”, she’d sleep at guys houses all the time but never had sex. Sex is never a guarantee anyway, even if you ARE dating, right? So unless he asks “Are we having the sex tonight?” and you lie and say yes because you want to cuddle and blah blah blah, do whatever you want.

  4. Chris Hendley says:

    Yes it is wrong to sleep at any persons house period and lead a person on that you would clearly know that want to have sex with you and you dont honesty should always come 1st

  5. Anonymous says:

    That was a great blog. You made some exceptional points and I appreciate for your insight!

  6. tom montella says:

    when i think about you and your awesome friends,you have so much more than a training schedule! you are living the life that you love.thats the great part of you that will always be there for to have another person in your life changes things! right? wrong?lets just say that one of you are different in alot of ways right? yes that is the type of person you may just find that is there for alot of reasons that you dont know? ok your saying but why? its when you dont stop asking why i like to grow but you cant because why? you tell me…i will give you a hint! you are growing and thats life and thats a great thing! if we all start growing even if we think we are not we die,you are beyond special!just think it takes just one to be just right just for only you!remember,no joking aroung here,men,at least myself,love to grow with one that puts her heart out! not anything more! love you just for BEING YOU!

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