Hourglass Figure Works like a Drug on Men


Hourglass Figure Works like a Drug on Men. Sexy and Sensuous Curves make the world go round! 

Does watching a curvy woman trigger the same feelings as drinking alcohol or consuming drugs? Well, studies reveal that the effects curvaceous women have on men are just too many. Most, if not all men would always prefer women with shapely hips and nice curves over skinny ones. And this is not something new.

Surprisingly, this trend has been around for centuries. Ever wondered why do women with sexy hourglass figures and well proportionate butts, thighs, and waist always catch the most attention? Why is the male brain affected by a woman’s hourglass figure?

Let’s resort to science and find out the answers.

While we think this is just a psychological effect, it is the right time we understand that there is a whole lot of science behind men always being attracted to women with an hourglass figure. According to a study conducted by researchers from Georgia Gwinnett College, the effects of looking at women with a well-toned butt and narrow waist are very similar to that of drugs and alcohol.

This conclusion came after a study where 14 men with an average age of 25 were shown pictures of women before and after a surgery that gave them more curvaceous hips. The surgery did not result in weight loss as it only redistributed the weight by taking the fat from the waist or the “love-handles” and planting it into the butt cheeks. After taking a good look at the pictures, the ‘male’ brains were scanned, which revealed that the same parts of the brain that are activated upon consumption of alcohol or any kind of drug were triggered.

This ultimately revealed that whenever men see amazingly appealing hips, their brain response makes them feel excited and happy. Also, a curvy female body with an eye-catching waist to hip ratio represents overall good health, thus giving men another substantial reason to simply fall in love with curvy women.

Advancements in science have allowed biologists to reveal the ultimate reason why men always prefer women with an hourglass figure.

Apparently, a narrow waist and a bulging butt are linked with noticeably high levels of the hormone estrogen. As fertility depends on estrogen levels, men look for women who can offer the best of it. Women with excessive belly fat, on the other hand, not only have low levels of estrogen but also are at higher risk of developing Type II diabetes, ovarian, endometrial and breast cancers, gall bladder issues and heart diseases.

Since how long have men been thinking this way?

If you think it is the societal norms and the popularity of magazines such as Playboy, that have made men to judge female beauty according to their figure, you might be partially right. The reason behind this is that the male brain is simply wired that way, which apparently means it has been this way since the beginning of time.

To support this, Dr. Peter Renn from Harvard University along with the experts of the Royal Society journal revealed how British literature from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries talked about women with attractive hourglass figures.

From all the writings found and studied from these three centuries, it is evident that what men wanted in women back then is no different than what men want in women now. In all these centuries, three female body parts – waist, thighs, and boobs – were considered to be more attractive and beautiful than the other parts. They were widely praised. In fact, there are 66 descriptions of how narrow waists looked better on women in these writings. Do you think the mindset of today’s men is any different?

Moreover, the researchers and Dr. Renn also found how the hourglass figure was not only talked about but also preferred over other body shapes particularly in two ancient Indian tales, Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Since we are talking about classical literature and females with a narrow waist, we just cannot forget the Palace poetry of the sixth Chinese dynasty. The poem talks about how women with ‘tighter’ waist are a reward and how people of that time were attracted to the hourglass figure.

Effects of the narrow waist on the female brain.

Women with an hourglass figure surely have a drug like effect on men, but that’s not it. Watching curvy women also triggers the female brain. The impact of such a figure on women, however, is not the same.

While men see some kind of reward in it, women see females with hourglass figures as a ‘threat’ i.e. the woman that might steal their mate from them. This means that when two women with incredible bodies come together, they are instinctively trying to look better than the other to either protect their mate or grab the most attention.


While most studies prove that no matter what, men always consider the waist to hip ratio (WHR) when looking for a partner. But it is not the only place where beauty can be found. It is crucial for all women, especially the ones in their early twenties, to have an hourglass-like figure, not only to attract attention, but for their own health and well-being.

William Shenstone (1714–1763), a well-renowned author, emphasizes on the importance of a well-proportionate body in the most convincing and clear way: “Health is beauty, and the most perfect health is the most perfect beauty.”


Guest Post by Henry Kingston

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