How to Host the Best Wedding of the Season


Weddings have, in the last few years especially, become enormous events. So much so that a “small wedding” numbers up to a hundred people. But since they’re so big and extravagant, we are paying much more attention to how we’re putting them together. So if your wedding is nearing, and you want to make it a day that everyone is going to remember, here are some tips on throwing the best wedding ever:

Make your guests comfortable

If a wedding is going to last more than three hours, then you have to take into account how comfortable your guests are. It’s not just a matter of having comfortable chairs and air conditioning in the summer, it’s also thinking about the little things: In the ladies’ room, put some oil-blotting tissues, some band-aids for sore feet, makeup wipes for smeared mascara… And in the men’s room, some extra deodorant, a little bit of liquid detergent to get rid of any stains that happen during the feast, and some tissues. If you want to make sure people are dancing, buy some cheap flats and put them in a basket near the dance floor so that high heels won’t be a problem anymore, and if it’s an outdoor setting, have some shawls and blankets ready for those who didn’t plan on bringing a jacket.

Put a personal touch

In large weddings, guests can often feel like they are just a face in the crowd and that the bride and groom don’t care all that much about them. An easy way to make everyone feel special and stress free is to personally greet each of your guests, and sit with them for a few minutes during the party. It will take about an hour for you to go around the room, but it will mean a lot to them. You can also prepare some meaningful things beforehand, like a sweet note personalized for each guest that will be waiting for them at their seat, and perhaps a photograph together. Little things like this are what will really make the night stand out.

Make it entertaining

Having good music is good. Having a good dance floor is great. But we can go to a club any night of the week; what’s making this night special? Well if you put your mind to it, you can make the night special by hiring wedding entertainment to show your guests a good time. Whether it’s a comedian that will crack you all up, a fantastic band that will play the favorite hits, or a troupe of dancers that will make your jaw drop to the floor, you can bet that your guests will remember that night. Additionally, if families are invited, make sure you have someone there to entertain the kids. The parents will be forever grateful – and so will the kids, because weddings aren’t exactly events tailored to children.

A buffet is better than a meal

Sure, people will enjoy the steak, or the chicken, and if the vegans are lucky they will get something more than boiled potatoes and a salad. However, everybody would enjoy the night far more if they had a wide selection of food and they can make their own plates however they like. If it’s a bigger party, try to set up several separate buffets, so that guests have an easier time reaching the food. For snacking in between, you can also serve a candy or snack buffet to keep your guests from going peckish. And when the time for the cake comes, why not make it a cake buffet as well? Instead of one five-tier cake, you can have multiple smaller cakes, so that everyone can get a flavor they like.

Have a signature cocktail


Everyone likes an open bar, and while you should definitely try to make that available to your guests, an even more memorable moment is to have a mixologist create a signature cocktail for you and your partner, inspired by flavors you both love. Make sure you’re also serving a virgin version for anyone who doesn’t want to drink alcohol, and you can be sure that the drinks are going to be a big topic.


Of course, you want your guests to have fun and remember the evening, so make sure you encourage them to take loads of pictures by creating some nice backdrops and props for pictures, and telling them to use a specific hashtag when posting them on social media so that you can easily find them and enjoy them later. To create a beautiful wedding, you will have to invest something, whether it’s your time, money or nerves, but make sure that you are working towards something that will definitely pay off.

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