First Steps for Planning a Wedding


Are you excited about your wedding?- This is one of those questions you must have heard before getting hitched. It’s the baby steps that you take before the wedding that counts. The period between engagement and marriage can be too tiring, but it’s also fun, so you shouldn’t let the fun wash away. 

It would help if you considered talking to your partner so that you can have a great time. It’s the first time maybe that you both are going to decide together. So, you should ensure that it’s mutual. Weddings are going to be one of the biggest decisions of your life. Since there’s a lot of going on around you, don’t lose your calm. Don’t go overboard to start your wedding. It would help if you focused on the small aspects. 

Here are the first things you need to consider to plan your wedding. 

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Enjoy being engaged

Being engaged is fun. So, make sure to make most of the time while you’re engaged. Kiss your partner, shout at the top of your voice that you’re engaged, let the world know you are hitched. 

It’s the small details initially that will count for your married life later on. Married life is going to be very different from your engaged life. So, while you have the time, make sure to use it. Bask in the glory of your partner and make your engagement special before taking the next big step. 

Set the wedding timetable

Now that you’re engaged, everyone is going to ask you about when you’re going to get married. While it is something you should decide, you should not do it in reality until and unless you’ve considered the important decisions. 

It would help if you focused on small details like choosing the venue before setting the wedding date. If you wait till the last moment to book the venue, it may not be available. The best thing would be to consider the season in which you want to hold the wedding to avoid family conflicts. 

Know your priorities

Let’s be honest here, the priorities of your partner and you may not match. It is essential to figure what you want from your marriage. 

Know what will be the most important things for you and your partner in the marriage. Do you want to throw a huge party? Do you want to keep it casual? What will be the destination? Well, it is suggested that you consult your partner about the same. There may be many things that may be your style but not your partners. Well, you should come to a middle ground. 

If you know your priorities, you will be able to bring everything back on track. Furthermore, it will prevent you from compromising on your needs also. 

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Set a wedding budget

Weddings can be costly. So, you need to set a proper wedding budget to avoid overspending. You should consult with your family members, how much they would be contributing to the wedding. 

The amount each family member contributes to the wedding will play an essential role in the long run. You must start setting the budget from the initial stages themselves. Once you have decided on the budget, you should reach out to a wedding planner. 

A wedding planner will play the best role in helping you understand if you will achieve the kind of wedding you want within your set budget. It is advisable to set realistic pictures of your budget not to end up going overboard. 

Set The Tone of your wedding

Hey, the theme of your wedding is significant. More than the theme, you should consider setting the tone. 

What kind of wedding do you want- Casual, formal or a thematic one? These ones will have an impact on your budget. You need to know what kind of wedding you want and what it would feel like. 

It’s advisable to do some discussions about the kind of wedding you and your partner want. You might as well prefer getting a wedding planning questionnaire so that you can prepare from the initial stages only. 

Choose your wedding planner

If you are one of those super-busy couples, you should hand over all the hectic tasks to a wedding planner. Your professional life can get in the way of your marriage. However, if you don’t want a wedding planner, you should consider hiring a part-time consultant as well.  When it comes to the newest and the hottest trend of the 21st century, no subject gets closer to Selfie Ideas . From young teenagers to the millions of middle-aged adults who have been known to spend their free time over their mobile phones, everyone seems to love taking Selfie pictures.

A wedding day coordinator will further ensure that everything moves smoothly in your wedding. It’s advisable to hire a local vendor. 

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Shop your wedding dress

What’s a wedding without a dress, right? So, don’t let the opportunity switch away. You need to check online as well as offline stores to find the perfect wedding dress. The season you’re getting married in will have an impact on your dress, so choose a dress accordingly. 


Your wedding is one of the most important decisions of your life. Since it is so important, you wouldn’t want it to be dull and uninteresting. Well, go out of the way and make your wedding day- a day to remember.

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