Dating Dilemmas We All Face In A New Relationship


New Romance? How Exciting!

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a new relationship. The whole world feels brighter, and you’ll have that this is the start of something truly beautiful. But like every other woman who has been in this situation, a number of things will be swirling around your head.

Nobody wants to get hurt or make a mistake with such an important aspect of their life. Here are some of the dilemmas you’ll inevitably face, along with simple suggestions to find the happiest destination.

Does The Relationship Have Balance In My Life?

When you’re in a relatively new relationship, you’ll naturally want to spend all your time with the loved one. Then again, you don’t want it to hinder friendships, career goals, and other commitments. Finding the right balance between seeing each other enough and still living individual lives is key.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that you’ll need those other aspects if the relationship goes wrong. Even if love lasts, though, this part of your life should fit the jigsaw rather than destroy it. Fail to achieve the right routines now, and the issues will worsen over time.

Sorry Beatles; Love Isn’t All You Need.


Will My Partner Offer Emotional Stability?

A happy relationship, even in the early stages, relies heavily on a whole host of factors. Emotional stability is certainly one of the top items on the agenda. Getting into a bond with someone that doesn’t provide it can spell disaster as you’ll never be fully relaxed.

No two people are different, but you deserve someone that is supportive at all times. After all, modern life is difficult and fighting those battles together makes everything a lot easier. That doesn’t mean you won’t argue from time to time. Still, if you can come through those in a mature and stable manner, it bodes well.   

What About Christmas / Birthday Gifts?

Treating men on special occasions is hard enough at the best of times. However, there is no question that the first Christmas, birthday, and anniversary are the most troublesome. No woman wants to fall into the cycle of buying presents that will end up collecting dust in the cupboard – at least not yet!

Experiences are often far more memorable than clothing or accessories. These unique gifts for men are sure to leave him smiling, and are something he’ll appreciate for years. The only dilemma you’ll now be left with is deciding where you’ll be spending December 25th.  

That beats a sweatshirt anyday!

Could This Be Serious?

There’s no timeframe on when things should be taken to the next level, and all couples must take things at their own pace. Still, in spite of the fact that you should enjoy those early stages of casual dating, it won’t be long before you start considering the future.

Relationships grow in several ways, which can range from moving in together to having children. It’s no rush to take those steps, but you’ll need the reassurance that this relationship has the potential to last. Otherwise, you’re essentially wasting your time.

The Final Word

New relationships are amazing, and this could be the start of your happy ever after. Remember to approach it with your mind as well as your heart, and you’ll be just fine.   

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