9 Exciting Date Night Ideas for You and Your Honey


The whole “dinner and a movie” thing? So cliché. Do you want to make your date night sparkle for that special guy? Think outside the chain restaurant takeout box!

You and your beau can have a blast with these adventures! You’ll find something unique to do whether you’re an old-school romantic or an active outdoor sporty type. Get ready for a night to remember — even though you won’t necessarily need your little black dress.

1. Soar With Indoor Skydiving

Maybe you’re not quite ready to jump out of a Cessna, but you can safely recreate the feel of falling from the sky at an indoor skydiving facility. You and your date can make fun of how you look like bugs with your safety glasses on. The feeling takes a bit of getting used to — you need to arch your back slightly, which is a movement many find unusual. However, once you get the knack, you’ll be soaring to new heights. Plus, you’ll enjoy an adrenaline boost — the afterglow of which leaves you more in the mood for amour.

2. Try a Quirky Themed Museum

What uncommon interests do you share with your special someone? Perhaps the two of you can’t get enough of old school train sets. If so, you might enjoy scoping out a historical railroad museum that offers tours. Maybe you enjoy everything anthropology of early humans. If so, check out a natural history museum.

Museums often surround themselves with beautifully manicured grounds that you can stroll for free. Take your sweetheart on a moonlight walk if you’re heading out after the main attraction closes. There’s something very romantic about kissing on a bench while swans float serenely in a nearby pond.

3. Do an Oldies Bowling Night

Did you ever see a super old-school movie about the 1950s, where everyone wore poodle skirts and saddle shoes? You don’t have to adopt the look, but you can recreate the feel of a yesteryear date night at a bowling alley. Many facilities offer all-day passes if you’re heading out on the weekend, but the prices for weeknight lanes are usually reasonable. Plus, what goes better with a cold brewski than throwing three lucky strikes in a row and scoring a turkey? You can even share a soft pretzel, mustard optional. Gobble, gobble!

4. Reinvent Your Prom

Chances are, your prom wasn’t as memorable as you would have liked. Do kids really know how to party? Judging from the music and food at most high school events, they’re still babes in the woods.

Get glammed up in your best cocktail dress and have your beau don a suit and tie. Paint the town red, starting perhaps with some wine tasting and enjoying a gourmet meal. Remember, there’s no curfew — stay out and party all night, then watch the sunrise together.

5. Challenge Them to an Obstacle Course

Are you and your sweetie the active, athletic sorts? If so, head to an indoor obstacle course and challenge them to a race. You both will increase your cardiovascular fitness and strength. However, you won’t feel like you’re working out —  you’ll be too focused on the fun!

6. Get Trapped in an Escape Room

Do you love a good mystery? Why not try to figure your way out of a locked room where murderers lurk around every corner? You and your date will need to employ your teamwork to make it out alive — or else, bwahaha.

7. Jump for Joy at a Trampoline Park

If it’s been one of those weeks for both you and your hottie, chances are, you need some giggles and smiles. Why not head to an indoor trampoline park together? You can challenge each other to invent the most acrobatic stunts. Plus, you get to run around in socks. Socks are snuggly and warm, and everything wonderful about winter.

8. Stalk Your Prey at Indoor Laser Tag

Are you trying to catch your man? If so, why not invite him out for a night of indoor laser tag and see if you can? Laser tag takes place in the dark, so you can rock your most glam makeup and still hit the club afterward. Go and get him, Annie Oakley!

9. Enjoy a Safe Sipping Experience

Wine tasting is a fabulous way to find favorite new varietals and labels. However, you don’t want your date to turn into a disaster due to DUI. Instead of risking hefty fines and worse, warm up that Uber app and hail a ride. This way, you can sip to your heart’s content without the risk.

Liven Up Your Date Night With These Ideas

Who said date night had to be mundane or routine? You can make any evening together special with these tips. Have fun!

Kara Reynolds
Kara Reynolds is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Momish Magazine. A mom of four and matriarch to her big blended family, Kara wants nothing more than to normalize differences in family structures. She enjoys peeing alone, pancakes, and pinot noir - but not at the same time.
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