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Finding your soulmate is one of the best feelings in the world. Once you decide to take your relationship to the next level and move in together, you want everything to be perfect. When planning a move, you can use an app to compare moving companies near you and decide which one offers the best services that suit your and your partner’s unique needs. 

In the following text, we’ll give you some advice on how to keep your relationship healthy in the new conditions and make your cohabitation functional but still fun.

1. Make Sure That You and Your Partner Are Ready for This Step

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There are no rules about when exactly in your relationship is the right time for this big step. Sometimes you get close to your partner in just a few months, and sometimes it takes years for both of you to be ready to move in together. Ensure that you’re not pushing your partner into something they are not comfortable with and don’t let them talk you into something you’re not ready for. 

Unfortunately, people sometimes rush into this big decision without realizing they are not compatible for a life together. If you’re not 100% certain about this, think about some alternatives you can try before leaving your old home for good. Spending more than one day with each other or taking a trip together it’s an excellent way to start.

2. Discuss Your Expectations and Find a Suitable Place

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Once you realize that both of you are ready, you need to find an appropriate home. Perhaps your or your partner’s old place is too small for both of you, or it’s too far away from the other persons’ workplace. Relationships are all about compromises, so make sure you get through this step together. If you’re both satisfied with an apartment you’re living in together, everything after that point will be much smoother and easier. Be open with your partner and make sure you both agree on things you need for a comfortable life.

3. Plan a Joint Budget

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When it comes to living expenses, sharing a place with someone who has incomes of their own could be beneficial for both sides. If you both agree, sharing rent and other costs is the best way to cohabitate. If one of you doesn’t have a regular income, that person can make up for it by doing chores and taking care of the household, for example. The most important thing is to stay open and honest with each other about finances under any circumstances. As long as you both come clear on this, everything should go fine.

Discussing finances should begin even before the move itself. You should both check out your options, for example using an app to compare moving companies, and then settle on something that works for both of you. Even if only one of you is relocating, this should still be a joint decision.

4. Negotiate How to Split Housework

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If you both work a lot and have enough money, the easiest thing to do is hire some help. Even then, at some point, you’ll have to do some of the housework on your own. Make a list of things you both like or dislike doing – one of you could find ironing interesting, and the other might hate folding laundry. When you put together this list of preferences, it will be much easier to come up with a solution. If you can’t agree on preferences, consider switching up your chores every week. 

Don’t forget that life sometimes gets in the way; there will likely be days when one of you won’t have enough time to do everything, and the other person shouldn’t hesitate to step in if possible. The important thing is not to end up doing everything on your own because that could lead to much bigger problems and disagreements.

5. Keep Things Fun and Interesting for Both Sides

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Almost everyone needs their alone time or some time to spend with friends or family. Try to understand your partner’s needs and desires, even if you want to do everything together with them all the time. You should also spend time with your friends or find hobbies or interests that have nothing to do with your loved one. You’ll have a much stronger and healthier relationship if you still do some things separately after moving in together, and you’ll avoid codependency. 

Remember that you want to keep things fun and interesting, so starting a life together might be a good excuse for some new traditions. Plan a date night where you can dress up and go to dinner together as you did while still living separately or cook something to surprise your partner after a long day at work. Stay creative, and don’t forget that we are all different, so you’ll have to make compromises here and there for long-term happiness.

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