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The aim of pregnancy yoga is to help the mother, when she is battling with mood swings at varying levels, leg cramps, fatigue, breathlessness and sickness. Yoga is a technique eases all such conditions assuring a period of relaxed nine months followed by an easier labour and smooth delivery. Yoga in other words helps you to prepare your mind for labour and delivery, keeps you focused and healthy. There are certain postures in yoga that are the gentle ways of keeping your body active and minimizes of the pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and constipation.

The following are some poses that can help you dealing with symptoms, ensuring easier and smoother delivery also helps you to recover fast after child birth. Postures that put pressure on your abdomen and other difficult poses should not be performed at advance stages of pregnancy. Just listen to your body and so as much as you can do easily.

  • Extended High Angled Pose:

The slow moving pose that will make you feel sluggish during pregnancy. It requires strong legs and works upon the hips, as it requires a much needed stretch is you are sitting on desk for whole day. Extending the arm above the head at an angle works the whole side body from finger tips to the stretched back leg. If you reach for it in right way you will have more energy saved more than you think.


  • Sitting Side Stretch Pose :

During pregnancy everybody feels unenergetic, but it doesn’t mean that you do not have the energy reserves. This pose will open your waist sides and pelvis by stretching your hips. It is important to get more space in your torso as possible, in case you belly is becoming bigger.


  • Cat Pose Or Cow Pose:

Many women will encounter back pains during pregnancy, but this will work up to give your spine and back warmth. This pose also helps to shift the weight of the baby away from the spine giving you much required relief and hopefully getting you back on track. So remember to practice the pose in case you want to get rid of back labour.


  • Triangle Pose:

It helps to regain your sense of balance. This pose works out for the leg, stretches your side body, revitalizes your hips an opens your shoulders up, try this pose up to reduce stress and to regain you sense of balance

  • Child pose

It will give a break from the stressful work. In the pregnant time you feel    harder to do work. In child pose you can focus on to take deep breath and relax. It helps you to take some time to rest and feel relaxed.


        Safety measures:

  • Exercises involving balance should be performed with utmost care.
  • Stretching exercises encourage circulation, help fluid retention, and relieve stress.
  • Avoid performing boat pose or strong bending pose and other exercises which can put pressure on the abdomen or stomach it is suggested strictly to avoid these types of yoga poses.
  • Once the mother feels uncomfortable performing any yoga pose, it is advisable to stop immediately without further straining the muscles.
  • There are certain exercises which are not to be conducted during pregnancy trimesters. So beware and do not perform them in order to avoid any complications.Follow me on twitter @HillCallie

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