How Is Yoga Affecting Your Health?


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A practice that dates back to pre-Vedic times in India, yoga has been around for long enough to grow and develop into what we see today. It’s one of the best, most well-rounded workouts a person can do, but it goes beyond that. Yoga can affect us in many ways, both mental and physical, and bring various benefits that can practically transform the state of our health. If you’ve been curious about this ancient practice but aren’t sure if it’s something that would be good for you, here we talk about the effects of yoga on your body and your state of mind.

It makes you more flexible

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Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? Can you place both of your palms on the floor? All of us have stiff joints to some extent, and this can cause all sorts of aches and pains as we move around. With the help of yoga, we can slowly become more flexible, and if you suffer from sore joints, this can be your ticket to a pain-free life. The set of stretches and strength exercises will loosen your muscles and give you a better range of movement, but do remember that you need to start slow and not push yourself before you’re ready.

It aids weight loss

Yes, everyone blabbers on about cardio and how there’s no better thing for weight loss, but people often forget that building muscles is an important part of the weight loss process. Yoga can help you grow strong, and this will tone your body and make you look trim. But also, just having muscles gives your metabolism a passive boost, so even when you’re resting you’ll be losing more calories than usual. People do tend to forget that there are many types of yoga, from the slow hatha to the quicker power yoga. Incorporating more than one type into your routine gives you a pretty well-rounded workout that will melt that fat away.

It helps relieve stress

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Yoga, before all, is about peace. You don’t come into it expecting to scream and rage and punch your way through a workout, you come to feel yourself relaxing. The set of rules and poses that you must follow gives you a fantastic blend of both discipline and soothing relief, and it increases serotonin levels. It also decreases cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone, so you’ll be feeling a lot better after your workout. If you turn yoga into a routine, then it can help you develop strategies that will help you remain calm and peaceful regardless of the situation you find yourself in. To be more focused on the whole process of yoga practicing, involve some spiritual statues into your interiors.

It can prevent diseases

From lowering your blood pressure and regulating your adrenal glands to giving you an immunity boost, yoga is excellent at keeping you healthy. Just to get into the mindset of a yoga practitioner, a certain sense of self-awareness is required, and keeping your workouts regular will make you pay more attention to your own health and push you to make better lifestyle choices. Some new studies even show that yoga can help reduce inflammations in your body by suppressing certain genes and pathways in your body that cause them. If you incorporate some copper pieces into your sessions, then the benefits could be multiplied because it has been shown that copper boosts blood circulation, improves brain function, and inhibits the growth of certain bacteria. Combining the poses with copper jewelry for yoga can have incredible effects on your well-being.

It helps with back aches

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Yoga has been prescribed to back pain sufferers for years now. It’s a low-impact exercise that doesn’t strain the joints, but builds our core muscles and helps our posture. It’s good for beginners and experienced athletes both, and persistence certainly pays off. Consult with your doctor first, because if you have a herniated disc you will probably need to rest and recuperate before you can start exercising. If your low back aches are a consequence of a sedentary life, then yoga can definitely help.

If you’ve been looking for a way to stay active but hate the competitive atmosphere of the gyms, then yoga is a great idea. Sign up for a class and remember that this is your own journey to health and peace, and that you can go about it at your own pace.  

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