Welcome 2017 With Open Arms


As we get ready to welcome 2017, I ponder upon all the changes 2016 brought my way. From quitting what I thought was my dream job to realize that I wanted to be a full-time teacher (which I am now), to growing as a person and realizing who my best friends are, 2016 was a year of growth and chance, which makes me realize that 2017 might just come right in with a bang!

While we prep the confetti, bubbly and party favors, let’s ponder upon how we can welcome 2017 with open arms. Here are some tips to consider while saying hello to a promising New Year!


Many of us start the year with resolutions of what we want to do to better ourselves. My advice to you all is just expect the unexpected and be the person you want to be. Don’t be afraid to grow and move forward from anything that makes you unhappy. I, for one, started 2016 with an amazing job opportunity at a great school, and while it was difficult to leave journalism full-time to become an English teacher, I am so happy I wouldn’t have it any other way! Don’t be scared of change and embrace it. And, about writing…I still do it part-time. It’s the best of both worlds!


In 2016, I feel like when I turned 35, and even before, I finally embraced myself. I am geeky, spontaneous and I love all my friends that share my same passions. When you love yourself and become your best self, or the best you can be, amazing people will surround you. I, for one, plan to foster those friendships even more in 2017 and I am so happy to be surrounded by so many amazing friends that share my interests. It’s the biggest blessing of all!


A New Year means a chance to start over. Think long and hard of what you want to let go of, and don’t be afraid to release it. Take on a hobby you’ve always wanted to take, go on that trip or even get that job you always dreamed of…make 2017 about you, your growth and that potential that is deep inside of you. No fear means no regrets! You never know just how amazing these changes might be if you don’t take that necessary risk!

So, Dirty and Thirty readers, what are your goals for 2017? Tweet at me at @AuroraMiami and at us at @DirtyandThirty! And, Happy New Year!



Aurora Dominguez
Aurora Dominguez is currently a high-school teacher. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she will never regret the time she packed up three suitcases to move to sunny Miami, Florida to pursue her Master’s Degree in Mass Communications at Florida International University. Proud to be in her 30’s, Aurora loves meeting young minds when she teaches that are eager to learn the ever-changing wonders of today’s fast-paced world of journalism. Some of Aurora’s loves include writing, pop music, jeans and graphic tees, her friends, champagne and her husband Sebastian. She can be found gossiping over wine with her girlfriends, at a concert or enjoying days off with the hubby.

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