Urban Cowgirl: Farm-to-Table Fare


Ever thought about eating dinner from your own back yard?  Well, thanks to the new trend in farm-to-table dining you can!  Well, maybe not from your own personal backyard, but perhaps from your neighbor’s.  It’s a new kind of dining experience where local farms and ranches are responsible for what you’re eating, it’s more than just dining out, it’s dining “in.”  Think farmer’s market meets that trendy hip new restaurant that you’ve been wanting to try.


The newest member to the urban dining movement is Industrial in Downtown LA (609 S Grand Ave), marketed as “industrial farmhouse fab” where “urban farm cuisine meets country French.”  Their menu focuses heavily on seasonal produce, but they still offer farm-centric dishes like pig ears and gravy.  This place is a must try to unleash your inner urban cowgirl.  Next, moving from the farm table to the tool shop, there’s Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood (7984 Santa Monica Blvd).  This restaurant is a converted tool shop that still has the original tool shop sign remaining, of course it does.  It too features an American farm-to-table menu using seasonal, local produce like blistered heirloom tomato salad, and pizzas with summer squash and dandelion toppings.


Even if you live in the city, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of locally grown produce and poultry.  You too can be an urban cowgirl.  Besides, not only is this “it” movement healthy for you, but eating local foods usually has less of an impact on the environment, helps support your local economy, and helps to preserve green space and farmland.  So remember, next time you’re enjoying Bill’s Beets or Laura’s Lemons, you’re also doing your part to save the environment!

Autumn Love
Autumn has been an Angeleno for the past 10 years and loves writing about all things new, obscure, and not yet on yelp.

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