Three Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy


For many people, the idea of getting healthier sounds like a daunting task. With so many different opinions and advice regarding what they should and should not be doing, getting healthy sounds like a full-time job. The idea of making so many changes deters people from pursuing betterment. To keep yourself healthy, keep it simple, and take baby steps. Here are three ways to keep yourself healthy without overhauling your life.

Fill the Gaps

Approximately 31% of Americans have a nutrient deficiency. This statistic is shocking for many who know that America is one of the most overfed countries in the world. However, the key to proper vitamin intake is ensuring a varied diet of nutrient-rich, minimally processed foods. In other words, your mom was right: you need to eat your vegetables.

That being said, making changes to your eating habits is a long process. In the meantime, you can fill the gaps with supplements. Taking Omega-3 supplements can offset the oil-heavy diet of the Western hemisphere and drastically reduce inflammation. A simple multivitamin can help your body function when there are gaps in your diet.

Take time to educate yourself and work with a physician to determine what you might need. Getting bloodwork done can identify gaps. You can learn all about liver cleanse supplements, protein powders, fatty acids, etc. by researching a well-respected scientific source.

Move More

Yes, you already know that you should exercise. However, like changing your eating habits, it takes time to build sustainable practices. What you can do right now is start moving more. Set an alarm that goes off throughout the day to encourage you to get up and walk around for ten minutes. Make a seven-minute workout a part of your morning routine before work.

You may have heard the adage, “sitting is the new smoking.” Years ago, people were more physically active both in their work and at home. Now, a large portion of the population spends most of their life sitting. This lifestyle increases the risk of weight gain, joint pain, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, and more.

When it comes to exercise, every minute counts. Exercise has a dose-effect: the more you do, the better, but even a baseline effort counts. As your body adjusts, you increase the dose. Taking some time to stretch and recover is very important as well.

Take Preventative Measures Against Outside Factors

Nothing will make you healthier than a good dose of common sense. There are a lot of things in the world that could impact your health over time. Being cautious and taking a proactive approach can keep you safe and healthy. Yes, accidents happen, but if everyone tried a little harder, the world would be a lot safer.

For example, consider the sun. The sun causes skin cancer when proper precautions aren’t taken. Use sunblock, sit in the shade, and let go of the idea that a dark tan is beautiful. Wear a helmet while you ride your bike. Test your home for radon and keep your carbon monoxide detector operational. Wear your seatbelt when you drive. Common sense is one of the best medicines.

The trick to keeping yourself healthy is to make small, sustainable changes. Maybe this week you’ll start eating a serving of vegetables with every meal. The next you’ll start drinking more water. Keep building and be proactive; there’s always room for improvement.


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