How to Set Up a Practical and Comfortable Home Office


By now, people have got used to working from home. However, some still work from their kitchen table or bed, which negatively impacts their efficiency and results at work. If you are one of those people, then you could use a quick solution because it doesn’t seem work from home is going anywhere anytime soon. The most obvious solution is to set up a real home office. This home office should also be practical and comfortable for you to manage all your business successfully. Therefore, we have compiled some useful tricks on how to set up such a home office and work efficiently as ever in no time. 


First and foremost, you should decide on the perfect spot for your home office. Ask yourself, how much space do you need to not only feel comfortable but also work in a convenient workspace. Then, think about how much free space you have around your house and what can you use for this purpose only. For example, some remote employees prefer working by the stairs, while others search for more peaceful corners of the house. At this point, you might want to consider distractions too. Can you be easily distracted by a TV in the background, or kids running around the living room? Since you will need to focus and be productive in your work tasks in the home office, these are some of the things you should consider when choosing the location of your home office.

Work Desk 

If you have checked your home office location from your list, you can move on to the next item — the work desk. This is one piece of furniture every home office needs along with a comfortable chair. Your work desk will take the central place in your home office. It will be the place where you keep your laptop and other devices you use to access an employee app, and all your files and office supplies. There is one thing you should particularly be careful about when choosing the desk. It is all about the balance. You don’t want to invest in a huge desk nor one that is simply too little for all your business needs. Choose a desk that will make you comfortable to work behind since you will be spending many hours in the office. Furthermore, you can opt for modern versions of work desks, such as standing desks instead of traditional ones. This way you will get some exercise and take care of your health while also work efficiently.

Ergonomic Chair 

The next step on your list should be the selection of the right chair. Since we are talking about your home office, you should consider investing in an ergonomic chair. Moreover, that chair should be a comfortable one. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of such chairs specifically designed for setting up an ergonomic workspace. Adjustable seat or not, with wheels, foot, or headrest, or without. The decision is all yours. Listen to your body and try to find the best chair that will support your body and posture well without creating any back pain or other health issues. Whatever you do, try not to use any chair in your house for your home office. Since they are designed for other purposes, they can’t give you the support you need when you are sitting on them for longer periods.


In case you don’t want to decorate your home office much, there is one thing you should consider — laying some carpets on the floor. Even if rugs and carpets aren’t your things, you should still consider them for at least two reasons. Firstly, they are great sound absorbents. Secondly, your feet will be warmer when you keep them on the carpet for hours instead of a plain wooden floor. If these two reasons aren’t enough, then the next one will convince you to give them a try. Carpets or rugs add a chic and modern look to your home office. You may be the only person enjoying such sophisticated decoration, but why not make your work hours as pleasant as possible? Similarly, you might have fun trying to fit in your furniture pieces and carpets nicely for a modern and glamorous touch.


Chances are you won’t have plenty of room in your home office. That is why you should use your space wisely. This goes both for vertical and horizontal space. If you don’t have any pictures or other decorations hanging on your walls, you might want to consider hanging some shelves. This way you will be making the most of your wall space. Additionally, you will have extra storage space for all your office supplies and files you don’t use or need every day. Apart from shelves, you can also make use of baskets to store papers or other files. With baskets and shelves, your home office will be neatly organized with everything in its place.

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