A Man’s Guide for Buying a Car


A Man’s Guide for Buying a Car. It’s the universal truth, every man wants to own his very own mechanical steed, a trusty car that can serve the professional, confident persona during the day but still be a girl magnet when nighttime rolls along. Yet, not every man knows how to approach the problem of buying his first car, and more often than not, he will make a mistake that will spell trouble down the line.

Not to say that women have it any easier, after all it is a complex task that does involve plenty of planning and preparation, but when a man is looking for a new set of wheels, things do tend to get pretty complicated. Battling your desires with your actual needs, finding the money, settling on an insurance package, all the way to the look and feel of the model, there are plenty of factors that will define the perfect ride. Here to help you make the decision you won’t forget is the ultimate car-buying guide every man wants to follow.

Consider your current and future needs

Needless to say, not all cars were created equal, and different models serve very different purposes. This is why your first order of business is to sit down and think about what you need in a vehicle, what features you need now, but also what features will be essential for you and your family down the road.

This first step is especially important for all of you who are at the crossroads in life when it’s about time you settled down but you’re not quite done with your debonair self. If you’re just about ready to step into true adulthood, it’s time you put your childhood dreams on the backburner and choose an ideal car for your family, as well as your everyday needs as an adult.

Secure a budget


Financing your car-buying project is one of the most cumbersome tasks you’ll have to deal with, and more often than not men tend to be quite unrealistic about their financial capabilities. Of course, this not only leads to disappointment when you realize that your dream Dodge is going to stay in the shop, but it will also put you right back where you started.

To avoid this, focus on creating a realistic budget from the get-go – none of that “I’ll get a loan” or “if I don’t eat for two months I’ll have enough money”. No, you need to be merciless about your financial capabilities and take into account everything from the car itself, to the down payment, upgrades, taxes, as well as insurance. Speaking of, choosing the right insurance is the next crucial step.

Research the best insurance option

You’re a man, not a kid anymore, you need proper vehicle coverage. With that in mind, there are a couple of options you can look into, but the most important step will be to do your research regarding insurance companies and read reviews such as this Youi review along with asking around online for the best insurance company in your area.

As a future driver, you want to get the best bang for your buck, so something like a comprehensive insurance is usually the best option as it will provide extra coverage in case of collisions, vandalism, weather events, and even animal accidents. Along with that, be sure to look into medical insurance that will provide coverage in case a medical treatment is needed after a collision.

Do a test run before settling on a model


The way you feel about a certain car can change dramatically once you find yourself behind the steering wheel, which is why it’s important to spend plenty of time getting to know the vehicle before you reach a decision. After all, why buy something so expensive if you’re not going to enjoy it?

Luckily, car dealers will let you have as much fun with the car as you want in hopes of landing a sale, don’t be afraid to take your time and get a feel for your future car. When doing a test run, you don’t just want to ride around the parking lot, make sure you test out the car in various ways – how it accelerates and decelerates, how it runs, how responsive the commands are, and of course, what the overall experience inside the vehicle is like.

Try to find your dream car

You know how women have their dream wedding all planned out by the age of nine? Well, fantasize about cars the same way. This wouldn’t be a man’s guide to buying a car if it didn’t tell you to follow your dreams, so before you go and buy a minivan, try to give your dream car another shot.

This doesn’t have to be the exact Lambo you wanted when you were a kid, but it can absolutely be something in between a car you need and a car you really, really want. So if you’re a classic car lover, why not get an old muscle car that can double as a cool dad-mobile? Your wife might not like it at first, but hey, it serves all your daily needs and it makes you happy, so just go for it!

People think that a man can just waltz into a dealership and snag the best car in the joint, but the reality is that men tend to make mistakes when buying their first car just as much as their female counterparts. This is why it’s essential to plan and prepare well in advance, and follow these steps to buying the car you’ll love, and your entire family will, well, tolerate at the very least. 


Guest Post by Luke Douglas 

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