Luxury Travel Essentials For an Effortless Journey


If you want to treat yourself and travel with luxury there are certain aspects that need to be considered. From a high level of comfort when it comes to choice of transportation to quality accessories and stunning outfits. Not to mention that a first class service and some additional pampering need to be included. We have compiled a list of essentials that are bound to make your travels truly luxurious.

The right means of transportation

Whether it’s a car or a plane you need to travel with style. Of course, nothing says luxury like a first class plane tickets to your destination of choice. With champagne and caviar and your every whim indulged, travelling first class is an epitome of luxury. However, if you prefer to stay on the ground, the vehicle that you choose plays a great role in the level of luxury you can expect. So make sure to check out the Ford SUV range and pick the one vehicle that is bound to satisfy your need for luxury travel. Ford is known for providing comfortable and safe cars, with numerous high-tech and safety features. And as you know, if you want luxury you need to go big, and the right Ford SUV is exactly what is required.

The perfect accessory

Now that you have selected your means of transportation it is time to pack. First of all you need some stylish luggage that will epitomize luxury. You can opt for a branded set that will contain everything from a suitcase to a carry on so that you don’t have to waste your time mixing and matching different pieces. Next comes the perfect handbag, it will be at your side at all times, so it has to be both functional and able to make real fashion statement. Make sure you choose one that will go well with several of your travel outfits and be a truly eye catching accessory. Finally, a pair of branded sunglasses that are perfect for your face structure. Or you can just channel Elisabeth Tailor, opting for a large frame and hiding your look behind those dark shades, it is pure luxury to be able to travel in such style.

The must-have outfit

Your outfits of choice need to reflect the luxurious travel style you have chosen. So you might have to take it easy on the comfortable clothes like sweats and tights and up your style game. Jumpsuits and designer jeans paired with the right shirt can definitely improve on your style and make your whole trip that much more luxurious. You want to look and feel your best when embarking on a luxury trip, and if that means keeping up with your style demands by selecting the right pair of shoes then so be it. After all you deserve to feel beautiful every minute of your trip. Make sure you have several choices to select from before you embark, and don’t forget to add a bit of bling to the whole mix. Some nice pieces of jewelry can definitely make a difference. Just be careful if the plane is you preferable way of luxury travel, don’t forget to check that everything is there after the customs check.

Don’t forget some stylish tech

You are definitely going to need a pair of quality and stylish headphones if you want your luxury trip to be as comfortable as possible. Being able to play relaxing music and tune out all the background noise can definitely improve on the quality of your trip. Of course, your phone is a must, just make sure you bring your own external battery in case you need to charge it on the way. Standing at the airport phone charger is a definite no-no when it comes to luxury travels. Finally, don’t forget a quality camera, taking pictures with your phone is ok for selfies, but if you want to make some quality memories a great camera is needed to capture every luxury aspect of your travels.

You are now ready to embark on your luxury trip, with the best possible selection of means of transport, ideal accessories and the right outfits. Luxury travel means the full package, you need to look and feel great and make sure that you get the best possible treatment wherever you go.


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