How What You Wear Affects Your Workout.


How What You Wear Affects Your Workout. Being healthy and fit is something that every single person on this planet should strive for. In order to achieve that goal, one must work out on a regular basis. And it is true that the essential part of every gym experience or fitness experience is the actual workout. But did you know that what you wear while working out also impacts your overall progress? And that impact isn’t as insignificant as many think it is.

The mental side of things

You know how many famous athletes wear something special in their favorite color? Many NBA players wear sleeves or headbands that later become an important part of their image. Have you ever asked yourself why? A study conducted by Lysann Damisch and others in the psychology department at the University of Cologne, Germany shows that a good luck charm (sleeve, headband etc.) can help a person improve their confidence in their own abilities. The team conducted experiments that proved how good luck charms and good luck-related sayings such as ‘break a leg’ aid the performance.

How others see you

Another great way to boost your confidence so that you go full-beast mode during the workout is to go for an aggressive look. This one applies to professional athletes because you want to look intimidating when you go out on the field to play against another team. What you wear affects your self-perception, but it also affects the perception of others. For example, the Oakland Raiders have used their black uniforms to help build an intimidating reputation in the NFL. The famous golfer, Tiger Woods, usually wears red on the final day of a tournament. When asked about his apparel in 2009 and why he favors the color red, Woods said that his mother believes how red is his power color.  

Clothes as a performance factor


When you work out hard, and by hard we mean HIIT (high intensity interval training) kind of hard, blood circulation plays the most important role since it distributes blood to your muscles in order for them to produce power. Therefore, throw away those old high school t-shirts, at least when you pack your beg for the gym and invest in performance-enhancing compression clothing. It will be worth it, we guarantee it. Compression clothing (sleeves, tights, socks, etc.) serves the dual purpose of helping transport blood more efficiently while being a stylish athletic accessory. It is no surprise that many professional athletes wear compression garments since it really enhances the performance. Compression clothes are usually made of spandex or Lycra and those fabrics improve circulation by compressing the soft tissues of your arms or legs at an angle. But they don’t press against your body too much. You are able to move freely and dominate the gym/field. On top of that, you’ll get your body temperature up in no time. Compression garments help muscles recover after exhausting exercise since they augment the movement of blood through muscles after exercising. Blood flow is usually slow at that point, but compression clothing turns things around. Billy Sperlich, a professor of sports science at the University of Wurzburg in Germany firmly believes in this claim. He added that due to the boosted blood flow, biochemical waste (lactate) gets flushed away quickly and that reduces inflammation and muscle aches.



Many forget the importance of buying a proper pair of training shoes. That’s why we need to remind you that having the correct size training shoes prevents blisters, shin splints and ankle injuries. Imagine getting an injury that puts your workouts on a substantial hiatus just because you were too lazy to go and find a decent pair of shoes. That would suck, right? So invest in shoes just like you invest in good clothes. Find a good compression shirt and shorts and pair them up with a stylish pair of training shoes. Remember to choose shoes according to the type of workout. If you like to jog, go for a lean material and if you lift weights, find a pair that has reliable soles. You don’t want to mess with your knees. ‘Dress for success’ applies in the field of fitness just like it does in the field of business.

Wearing quality clothes while working out should be an ordinary thing. Unfortunately, many still believe that what you wear isn’t important as long as you work out. And that ‘small’ difference is sometimes exactly the reason why one fails or succeeds. And we’d like you to be in the latter category.


Guest Post by Luke Douglas

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