A Girl’s Ultimate Guide for Buying a Car


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It’s the year of the woman, so it’s probably high time we educated ourselves about cars, ladies. And even though we should cut back on the prejudice that women don’t know a thing about cars, there certainly are some who indeed know nothing of the matter. This is the reason why every girl should have the ultimate guide in case she wants to buy her first car ever. Luckily for you – we’re here, so take a look at the most important tips that you need to take into account if you opt for this bold step.

Ask yourself the ultimate question

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Before thinking about all the other necessary questions, it’s crucial that you ask yourself the most important one of all. Do you really need your car? This is not the same as buying a nice tank top or a bag, so ask yourself again if you need the car for real or just for going to the coffee shop with your friends. Depending on the answer, you can also think about buying a used or a new car. Certainly, a new car is a good option, but if you’re not going to be using it daily, perhaps a used one is a better choice.

Know your possibilities

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Now that you figured out if you really do need a car or not, the first step is to think about your finances. Think carefully about the deposit that you will be able to put down, and make a plan of your monthly payments that you can afford for yourself. Another thing that not many people know is that the credit score can be extremely helpful. That’s why having all the info that you need about this matter is an excellent thing. Knowing about your credit report and credit score can help you negotiate a good deal and consequently save a lot of money (that you can later spend on new clothes).

Servicing your car

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Another thing that you should have in mind is servicing the car that you purchased. Bear in mind that you will be doing this at least two times per year, and having a good mobile mechanic in Sydney and other cities that you visit the most is the best option. This way, you will have someone who knows their way around your vehicle and, at the same time, come off as a strong independent woman who knows a lot about cars!

Talking about the price

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Dress to impress, put your attitude on, enter the dealership and negotiate the hell out of this deal! The job of the dealership is to sell the car at the highest possible price, but your job is to lower it as much as possible! You should seem uninterested or avoid mentioning money. There is a number of ways in which you can negotiate. Once you do this, don’t forget to compare the prices. Your car is there to stay, so you don’t have to settle for the first price you are given. Think of them as boyfriends – compare a couple of them and see which one suits you the most.

The kind of car you need

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In certain parts of the world, driving with a stick is the most popular way of driving, whereas in Australia the sale of manual cars is dropping every year. So, think about which of the two options is the best for you – manual or automatic. Furthermore, do you need the car for going around the city or for road trips? The answer to this one will also determine the type of car you’re looking for. And last (but for us girls, definitely not the least) – the color! Choose your color carefully – you should choose a basic one such as black, gray or white (it will be easier for you to match it to your outfit). However, colors such as yellow, mint or pink can also look super cute with you behind the wheel.


Buying a car is not a piece of cake, especially for us girls. We really have to pay special attention not to let our money go to waste by purchasing something that’s just not worthy, and if you really want to show your boyfriend that you know a thing or two about cars – we hope we helped! Good luck!

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