Creative Ways to Bring the Travel to You During Quarantine



If you are a traveler, you probably have a severe case of cabin fever right now. However, you know that you need to do your part to help to flatten the curve, which means staying home.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t slake your wanderlust, though. If you get a bit creative, you can bring the journey to you! Follow these tips to satisfy your longing until you can take your next trek.

Tour an Online Museum

Have you dreamed of strolling the incomparable collections at The Louvre? While you might not be able to hop on a plane to Paris, you can tour the museum in the virtual world for free.

Nor is France the only country you can travel to via computer to get your culture fix. You can hop over to Rome and visit the Vatican Museums. Perhaps you’d like to tour the State Hermitage Museum in Russia or the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Span.

Get in the Kitchen

Do you understand the difference between cajun and creole cooking or how to make a killer gumbo? Now is the ideal time to get in the kitchen and experiment with cuisine from all over the world. You can choose a particular region as your focus, or you can get wild with fusion dishes. Can you make a Mexican stir-fry? Why not find out?

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have recipe books. The internet offers a world of free cooking channels on YouTube, where you can hone your culinary expertise.

Learn a New Language

When it is safe to hop back on a plane, you’ll enjoy your next trip more thoroughly if you can communicate with the locals. Why not use this downtime to hone your foreign language skills? If you have a student in your home, you can get a subscription to Babbel for free during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can also find apps like Mondly and Busuu that enable you to learn multiple languages for one low fee.

Research Your Next Trip

You might not be able to travel for the foreseeable future, but this crisis will blow over eventually. Why not start planning your next getaway? While you might not want to confirm dates, you can investigate the hottest destinations for the lowest cost. If you have loyalty rewards with a particular airline or hotel chains, give them a call to see what specials they have available. Many will extend tempting offers to lure back traffic once the crisis abates. Who knows? Your next holiday could prove your most affordable one yet.

Read Travel-Inspired Novels

Maybe you aren’t going on an adventure like Bilbo Baggins at the moment, but you can grab your copy of “The Hobbit” and read about his fictional journey through Middle Earth. If fantasy isn’t your thing, why not grab some James Michener novels and lose yourself in exotic destinations around the world?  You could always pick up some classic Bronte, often available free via online libraries, and transport yourself to a moody English moor.

Subscribe to Travel Periodicals

Another way you can take a trip by media is to subscribe to travel periodicals. You can lounge on your balcony hammock as you use your thumbs to stroll the streets of Barcelona or locate the best ramen restaurants in Tokyo. You can also explore destinations you might not want to visit in person — Antarctica has charm, but it is cold.

Learn How to Score the Best Deals

Now is the ideal time to explore ways to save the next time you are able to go on a trek. You can scour the internet to investigate the best times and methods for booking flights and more. Are you taking a hard look at your budget during these challenging times? If you have the credit rating, consider getting a travel rewards card. Use your card for everyday purchases like groceries and then pay it off at the end of each week to reap the rewards without the interest and fees.

Join Online Nomad Communities

One way to save money on travel is by home-swapping. In this arrangement, you find local hosts who are willing to open a room in their home. You can also do a swap where you stay in each other’s vacant residences. While many Airbnb and VRBO owners will offer competitive prices once the crisis ends, you could potentially find even less expensive lodging through this method.

Make a Virtual Pen Pal

Finally, why not visit another country through the eyes of someone who lives there? You can find a penpal who can help you master the language of your dream destination. Alternatively, you can locate another lonely soul who needs someone with whom to correspond during these times. For example, many times, nursing home facilities have elderly residents who don’t receive visitors. You can reach out to such a facility by email or phone and inquire about opportunities to find a penpal.

Bring the Travel to You During Quarantine With These Tips

You might feel trapped in your home at the moment, but your mind remains free to roam. Bring your travel urge to quarantine with you by using these tips.

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