How to Create Your Own Workout Routine for Weight Loss


How to Create Your Own Workout Routine for Weight Loss. Ah, that weight loss that we are all looking for. Yes, finding the right workout for weight loss can be very challenging, especially because every single body is different, and not all workout routines work for all people. There are two ways how you can play this if you want to lose some weight. The first one is the easier option, but a more expensive one – hire a personal trainer. The personal trainer will create your own workout routine and you will literally do nothing but actually do the exercises. 

Also, you will have to pay attention to your diet as well, but this is also something that your personal trainer and a nutritionist can help you with. On the other hand, there is the cheaper option, which might be quite challenging, especially if you’re not the sporty type – to create your own workout routine. What do we suggest? To try by yourself and see how it goes, and only then turn to a personal trainer. But the question remains – how to create your own workout routine?

Schedule your training sessions

The first thing that you need to do, before you actually pick the exercises that you want and make your dietary plans, is think about the schedule of hitting the gym. This is incredibly important – you don’t have to know exactly which days you will be visiting the gym, but it would be excellent to at least know how many training sessions you will have during the week. Doing this will make the task of choosing the exercises and making the workout plan much more simple. This schedule will tell you what day you will devote to cardio, which to your abs, and which to other exercises that you want to do.

Food plans


Apart from choosing the right exercises and knowing when you will hit the gym, the food is crucial. Abs are not made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen, and you will never lose weight unless you pay attention to what you eat, no matter which exercises and how much cardio you are doing. Bear in mind that it is not only healthy food that you should pay attention to, but the supplements as well. These will help you get the nutrients that you need but fail to get during your meals, and will give you that extra boost that you might need at the gym. 

That is why, for example, using the best pre workout powder that you can find is very much advisable. Make sure to find ones that have no fillers and that are high performance. If you are not really sure what other supplements you might need, you can always ask someone at the gym you are working out at, as the staff will always be willing to help in these cases.

Plenty of cardio

Once you start going to the gym, it is important to have a plan for what exercises you will be doing. Since you want to lose weight, the thing you need to focus on the most is cardio. These are the exercises that will burn your fat and start working on your body shape. It is extremely challenging and can be very tiresome, but it is definitely worth it. This is why you should base at least 50-60% of your workouts on heavy cardio only – jogging, cycling, or any other piece of equipment you find at your gym. 

The other 40-50% can be working out with different weights and fitness resistance bands, just to work on your figure. Remember that both of these workouts are equally important – the first one is there to burn your fat, and the other to form your body and work on your muscles.

Drink plenty of water


This goes without saying – if you want to lose weight, suffice it to say that you will need to cut down on the amount of junk food that you eat and the sugary drinks that you drink. The best thing to drink if you want to lose weight is water, for many different reasons. Most importantly, water helps you boost your metabolism and clean your body of unnecessary waste. 

Also, some extra pounds in your body are actually retained water, and drinking more water will help your body stop doing that. Start your day with a lukewarm glass of water, and drink ice-cold water during the day as ice-cold water will boost your metabolism even more.

Research your exercises

If you don’t want to hire a personal trainer not even for one session during which they can give you more info on the exercises that you should be doing, you can do that by yourself with just a little bit of research. You can find plenty of aerobics exercises and even strength exercises for weight loss. Remember that having a plan of the exercises you will be doing before you actually hit the gym that day is very important. It is always better to come prepared rather than walking around the gym going for any exercise that you feel like doing.

Yes, it might be easier to hire a personal trainer, but there are some things that you can do by yourself. It might require some more time researching and reading and looking at tutorials and videos, but it is definitely worth it. Not only will you have more bucks in your pocket, but you will have a sense of accomplishment as well. And if, God forbid, you see that you are not satisfied with the results, you can always go for the more expensive option of a personal trainer. Good luck!


Guest Post by Luke Douglas 

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