How to Build a Versatile Business Wardrobe


Women certainly have it harder than men when it comes to dressing professionally for work. It’s not easy to inspire respect while also satisfying a healthy dose of vanity. A woman’s business wardrobe has to be an alignment of a few different elements which aren’t always meant to coexist – professionalism, style, personality, comfort, elegance, diversity, and last but not least, reasonable price tags.

That being said, covering a few key bases and knowing how to mix them up can make your business wardrobe not only seem bottomless but also imbued with your unique personality, reflected through the prism of the business world and its unspoken rules.

Here are a few essentials that will add another exciting aspect to the idea of going to work.

Quality Blazer

A quality blazer is the universal epitome of professionalism, style, elegance, class, and also versatility, regardless of your gender.

Even though quality blazers aren’t cheap, they are one of the wisest investments you could ever make. You can match it up with almost anything and it will still look as if it was picked out specifically for that combination.

For slightly casual occasions, you can combine it with some jeans, a neutral top, and some flat shoes. If the occasion is a little more on the formal side, simply swap the jeans for pants, the top for a nice blouse or shirt, and the flats for heels, and the blazer basically takes another form.

Another benefit of having a quality blazer that can’t be understated is the way it feels on you, as if tailored specifically to you, tight, but also loose and comfortable, seamlessly streaming down your body like water. Such a piece of clothing charges you with confidence and subtle swagger that seep into your overall demeanor and set you up for success.

That’s the beauty of a smart blazer – as long as you don’t put it over a tracksuit or a pronouncedly evening or summery dress, it becomes the icing on pretty much any business cake.  Buying a couple of quality blazers might seem a costly proposition, but they will probably serve you loyally for years.

Quality Trousers

Trousers still carry a bit of the stigma of obligation, the sense that no woman would voluntarily wear them. However, quality trousers are basically the blazer of your lower body – extremely stylish, elegant, classy, comfortable, and versatile. And even though by default they are a product of the men’s world, trousers can look very feminine and flattering on top of everything else.

This is why a few nice pairs of pants in the most universal colors – black, gray, dark blue, along with a blazer, can provide very versatile backdrops against which many different types of attire can stand out.

Professional Accessory

A professional accessory like a stylish watch, for example, is also an indispensable item to the versatile business wardrobe, not to mention its appeal is so universal, it transcends virtually all occasions – business or pleasure.

Versatile Business Wardrobe

Even though they have become technically redundant since the invention of cell phones, their lack of practical value is precisely what makes them a staple of business attire – they are a matter of choice rather than necessity, and as such stand for self-respect and professionalism.

Universal Shirts

The secret to a versatile wardrobe is owning a couple of power items and a couple of fillers, so to speak. Not every single element of your combinations needs to be top-shelf, especially if you’re still at the beginning of your professional journey.

Given that you own a couple of nice pants and blazers which serve as the frame, the outer layer of your attire, a white, regular shirt, for example, is more than enough to seal the deal.


A quality, stylish blouse is another versatile item which fits many different occasions, in and out of the office. You can get them in all kinds of variations and prices, including brighter and more summary styles which still look professional, especially in the right combination.

Again, blouses are the kind of item that doesn’t have to be expensive to look good, especially when reinforced by a nice pair of pants and/or blazer.

Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are gaining popularity for a reason. They are like neutral shirts for your feet, and by neutral, we really mean versatile rather than devoid of personality and style.

Not only do they offer comfort which becomes a real luxury in the later hours of the business days, and in the long run altogether, but they can also look very elegant and unassumingly feminine next to other stylish clothes.

Building a versatile professional wardrobe doesn’t have to a lifeless, arduous, and costly process. In fact, with a couple of tips in mind, you can find clothes that will open any business doors without watering down your individuality.

Cassie Brewer
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