Best Holiday Gift Ideas to Consider In 2019


Best Holiday Gift Ideas to Consider In 2019. When it comes to holiday gift-giving, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. There’s a piece out there for everyone, regardless of their personal style, age, gender, or your budget.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect holiday gift for that special someone on your list, look no further. Here are five of the best holiday gift ideas to consider in 2019.

Uncut Gemstone Jewelry

Uncut gemstone jewelry has become a hot design trend over the past year. In a culture where people are learning to embrace imperfections and look for something unique in a market of mass production, uncut stones fill a need.

This jewelry design trend comes hand in hand with the crystal decor trend that’s made waves in home design over the past year. If your loved one enjoys wearing and decorating with crystals, they’ll love an uncut piece. Look for uniquely colored precious and semi-precious stones or have something custom made using beautiful crystals, like azurite and amethyst (get more on this site).

Birthstone Necklace

Vanity necklaces are another trend that’s made a hot comeback over the past year. People love wearing their name, a fashion trend that originated from the iconic Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw. 

These necklaces are getting a makeover in 2019. Look for an engravable pendant with an accent birthstone. You can also have a custom setting put in a handwriting necklace, and turn their signature and stone into a completely one-of-a-kind piece.

If the person on your list likes something a little more subtle, opt for a gold, rose gold, or white gold pendant with a solitary stone.


Family Ring

Family rings are great gifts for grandparents, parents, and children. They can be customized for both male and female wearers, and create a touching memento. As everyone’s family looks different, family rings are a unique gift that breaks the mold.

In a family ring, you feature the birthstone of each family member. If you’re buying the gift for a parent, you will feature the parents’ birthstones as well as one for each child. If you’re a parent purchasing a family ring for your child, you would have their birthstone encompassed by those of their parents.

Keep in mind that when you purchase a family ring for a grandparent and wish to include grandchildren, you might need to upgrade to a bracelet, pendant, or broach.


Planetary Bracelet

For the astronomy lover in your life, have a custom planetary bracelet created using an assortment of different sized and colored stones. The idea with a planetary bracelet is that it represents and emulates each planet in the solar system. 

For example, Earth could be a moderately sized sapphire with a small white diamond accent floating nearby. The sun could be a large, yellow diamond, and so on.

By creating a planetary bracelet, you have the creative freedom to choose the stones you want. Black diamonds make great space fillers between the planets and represent the darkness of the universe. It’s up to you whether you include Pluto or not!


Black Diamond Pendant

Black diamonds are a huge trend in jewelry right now. There’s something about the way they catch and absorb the light that creates a sense of mystery and enchantment. They’re also a unique option for the person who has everything or likes edgy accessories.

A black diamond pendant is subtle and straightforward. Pair it with brushed yellow gold for a bold, Noachian look. Get a black crescent moon pendant for a mystic vibe the trendsetter on your list will love. 

Jewelry is well worth the investment during the holiday season. Give your loved ones gifts that will light up their face when they open it and choose something unique and special to show how much you care. 


Guest Post by Ashley Lipman


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