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The start of a new year is perhaps only as important as you want it to be. After all, there’s nothing fundamentally different from marking the start of your year on say May 17th. The Ethiopian Chinese, Hindu and Buddhist New Years show how arbitrary January 1st actually is. Nevertheless, a huge part of the world considers the start of the Gregorian calendar year a big deal so perhaps it doesn’t hurt if you ride the momentum.

It’s an especially useful opportunity to listen in on what the next 12 months herald as far as bathroom design goes. As a space you are bound to visit multiple times each day, a tranquil relaxing ambience is essential for your bathroom. If you are considering shaking things up in your bathroom this year, here’s a look at the vanities gaining traction in 2020.

1.    Black Is In

Gray and white may have been the bathroom colors of choice for decades. However, in 2020, many homeowners will be looking to change that. A transition to darker, bolder hues is already happening. Black may elicit cringe in some no thanks to the numerous horror movies set in dark bathrooms. Yet, the positive impact of dark tones like black have been underestimated.

In any case, black here doesn’t mean having the entire bathroom in this one color. If you are still not sold on to black, you could leave the bathroom’s main color as gray or white then have the vanities, mirrors and light fixtures in black.

2.    Smart Bathrooms

The smart home is already a major trend in overall home design. In this context, homeowners are experimenting with automatic sinks, smart showers, smart voice-operated mirrors, voice-activated lighting, mini refrigerators and Bluetooth speakers in their bathrooms. Often, these will be integrated in the overall smart home system.

So, for instance, once you start to leave for home from work, your shower system can automatically ensure the water is hot and ready on your arrival. The essence of technology in the home is convenience so expect more homeowners to leverage smart systems in their quest to make the bathroom a place they wouldn’t mind spending hours in.

3.    Compact Storage

You don’t have much space to play with in your bathroom. It makes sense though since the bathroom appliances and items in there are characteristically much smaller than those you’d find in the kitchen. Still, you can always do with having adequate storage but that doesn’t mar the overall look of the room.

Compact bathroom vanity cabinets (see more about bathroom vanities Los Angeles) and shelves emphasizing the minimalist theme are rising in popularity. They make the space feel less crowded and less cluttered thus more open, spacious and organized.

4.    Gold and Brass Fixtures

Gold and brass is back, bigger and better than ever before. Homeowners are taking a journey back in time as they return gold and brass to their sinks, toilets, bathtubs and every metal fixture in their bathrooms. And they are doing so while maintaining a modern chic feel that’s a departure from the old-fashioned look associated with their grandparents’ bathrooms.

Brass and gold fixtures add an unmistakable yet subtle dimension of depth and luxury. It has a warmth that is a stark contrast to the colder feel consistent with the traditional polished chrome. As a bonus, gold and brass are more effective at hiding unsightly dried water spots and fingerprint smudges.

5.    Industrial Styles

It must be said from the get-go that this is not a style for everyone. You must have a knack for adventure and the capacity to seamlessly blend in the industrial design with your home’s overall appearance. That’s why it’s perhaps most suitable for smaller apartments or homes with a hallway bathroom.

Still, if you ride this bandwagon and get it right, you have endless possibilities at your disposal. Done well, industrial sinks and vanities are edgy and classy yet sleek and modern. Industrial fittings sit well with a wide range of colors and accents including chrome, brass and gold.

6.    Wood Accents

Gray and white are giving way to darker hues in bathroom renovation and remodel trends. This does not just herald a shift to black but also warmer accents such as wood. Wood is renowned for its versatility in design. You can complement white, gray, green, blue and black bathrooms with wood accents.

It has a sophisticated feel to it that’s difficult to realize with many other materials. Wood pairs near perfectly as much with vintage bathroom designs as it does with more modern and trendy aesthetics. 

Whether you are moving into a new home or want to reinvigorate your current one, these vanity bathroom trends can help ignite that spark of creativity you need.

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