Basic SEO Tips to Take Your Blog to the Next Level


Blogging started out as a simple hobby back in 1999 and back before that, blogs were referred to as personal homepages. Today, blogging has its own industry, and it’s an essential part of content marketing, as well as personal branding. 

Almost everyone today reads a blog, and if they’re not reading a blog, chances are they’re reading an article that originated on someone’s blog. Furthermore, the majority of famous influencers also started out as bloggers. 

These influencers became a part of a new trend called influencer marketing. In any event, blogging today is considered to be a popular, powerful and important activity. However, just like any other web page, blogs require visibility, exposure and awareness, among other things. 

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. If you want your blog to become famous so that you can attract as many followers as you can, you’ll need a bit of help from SEO. Therefore, here are a few basic SEO tips to take your blog to the next level.


The essence of a good SEO strategy begins with the keywords. That’s why keyword research is vital for your blog. As you already know, blogging is a form of content marketing, and you want your content to be visible, easily findable and accessible to your audience. That’s why your content needs to rank well on popular search engines, such as Google. 

The best way to start is to opt for relevant keywords that will match user intent in search results. You must opt for short-tail or long-tail keywords or both based on your strategy. However, before you choose any of the keywords, you must determine their value for both search engines and your blog. Here are a few things to focus on:

Keyword volume – The number of monthly searches

Keyword difficulty – How competitive is a specific keyword

Cost-per-click – Monetary value of a keyword, i.e., how much are advertisers willing to spend on it

Competitive density – The number of advertisers competing for the particular keyword 

Choosing the right keywords to rank for can be a challenge. However, once you decide on the best keywords, you can start planning the rest of your SEO strategy, as well as how to rank well for the keywords you’ve chosen. 

Page optimization

The next step is to optimize your pages. Blog pages are similar to web pages, but SEO is pretty much the same. In other words, you have to ensure that your blog pages can be properly crawled and indexed by search engines, as well as that they’re user-friendly. 

If you have no understanding of SEO, it would be a good idea to seek out some help. Due to the fact that SEO is quite popular, many agencies all over the world will happily provide you with their services. Therefore, you can even browse SEO services in Hong Kong and pick the package that fits your needs. Of course, it’s important to do proper research, especially if you operate in such a saturated market. Here are a few on-page optimization factors you should focus on:

Optimize headings – H1 (Page and post title), H2 (Headings), H3 (Subheadings), H4(Minor headings)

Include keywords in the blog post titles

Optimize meta descriptions

Optimize images

Organize blog posts

Create SEO-friendly URLs

Optimize title tags

Content optimization

Content is your most important asset and the most important factor for SEO. That’s why you need to optimize it well. When it comes to content on your blog, you must take user experience into consideration. In other words, your content must be highly relevant to your audience. 

Aside from that, your content needs to be informative, entertaining and educational. Finally, you must produce top-quality content. Therefore, chose relevant topics for your blog posts and write in a way that will ensure your audience’s engagement and satisfaction. 

Don’t hesitate to accept guest posts from other bloggers or other reputable sources, as long as these posts are relevant to your audience. Content diversification can work well for user experience, and that same experience is also a ranking factor for search engines. 

You can always rely on evergreen content. However, if you believe older content will interest your audience, you can always repurpose it and give it a shiny new coat. Furthermore, you can structure your blog through topic clusters to make content easy to find and access. 


Aside from content, top-quality backlinks are the number one ranking factor for search engines like Google. Backlinks can make your content more credible and authoritative. As for the search engines, backlinks make your content more relevant and easy to crawl. Here are a few ways you can use backlinks on your blog to your advantage.

Internal links – This means linking to other relevant content and pages you have on your blog. Internal linking helps with navigation, page authority and helps define architecture and hierarchy on your blog

Anchor tags – These are similar to internal links only these links lead to specific parts of your posts. This is especially handy if you have longer blog posts than usual. That way you can link your keywords early on and it’s convenient for your audience as they can skip ahead to the parts that interest them the most 

External links – These types of links build credibility and authority of your content. Linking to external sources that are relevant and reputable makes your blog considered as equal. Guest posts on other relevant blogs are a good example of external backlinks


SEO is vital for blogs. This marketing strategy allows you to make your blog more visible, credible and easily findable online. Establishing a good presence and exposure in the online world is just a first step. The success of your blog will ultimately depend on the quality of content and the way you treat your followers. 

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