With summer creeping up, we’re all working hard to fine tune those hot bods. So that means…stepping up our cardio game! I had never been a “cardio” person and always preferred to do weights and body weight training. I get bored on the cardio machines and don’t last on them very long. I needed to get my cardio in somewhere to help me with those last stubborn pounds or body fat percentage, so I looked to other types of exercises.

I decided to turn to an activity that combines a couple of my favorite elements (water, sunshine, and swimsuits)…SWIMMING! I was on the swim team for a season in high school and I remember what a workout it was! I lost about 10lbs from swimming and it helped make me strong and lean…less skinny fat! Swimming burns calories, boosts metabolism, firms every muscle in your body without putting stress on your joints, and it’s FUN!

You can burn 500 calories an hour doing an easy swim, and if you step up the effort you can burn almost 700 calories! Focus on arms or legs by using kickboards and buoys. Sprint some laps to get that heart pumping too. A bonus is you can get a head start on that summer glow! Don’t forget your sunscreen though if it’s an outdoor pool. This Spring, I’ll be swimming 2-3 times a week (40-60min) to get ready for summer. Remember don’t get discouraged if your stamina isn’t amazing when you first start…you have to build it up and those lungs need to adjust!

Here’s my latest workout that I’ve been doing to get my swim stamina back up the first couple weeks- give it a try and have fun swimming that fat away!


200 meters (Any strokes), effort 3/rest 10-30 seconds 50m x 4 (Rotate between breast, free, back, free), effort 5-6/ rest 10-20s

Main Workout

50m x 4 (Rotate between breast, free, back, free), effort 6-7/ rest 10-20s 100m (Freestyle), effort 5-6/ rest 10-20s 50m (Any style but free), effort 7-8/rest 10-30s 25m (Freestyle Sprint), effort 9-10/ rest 10-30s
50m (kicks with kickboard- flutter), effort 6/ rest 5-10s 50m (all arms- buoys between legs), effort 6/ rest 5-10s 25m (Freestyle Sprint), effort 9-10/ rest 10-30s 50m (kicks- breaststroke kick), effort 6/ rest 5-10s
50m (all arms- buoys between legs), effort 6/ rest 5-10s 25m (Breaststroke Sprint), effort 9-10/ rest 10-30s

Cool Down
100m (Any style), effort 3


If you’ve been out of the pool for a while and this workout looks too much for you, then plan to swim for a certain amount of time and make your way through the workout as much as you can- adjusting the effort and taking the full 30 seconds of rest. Monitor your progress and try to make through more of the workout your next swim session, until you can complete it all at the higher effort.

Another option is your first two weeks back, swim 100m x 5-10sets at an easy effort 3-4(resting 30s between each set). You can use a kick board/buoy the first couple laps if needed.

Tiffany Angulo
Born and raised southern Californian. Tiffany is the co-founder of The Pretty Little Lifters.
She wants to inspire people to make healthy changes to their lifestyle, become active & fit for life, and to feel & look good.

IG: @theprettylittlelifters
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  1. Adam Hennessey says:

    I swam on the swim team all through high school and college, I swim masters now when I have time. It burns lots of calories, its a great workout.

  2. I have actually met a women who won an olympic gold medal in 2000 at Sydney. Her name is Diana Munz. She swam distance events. I think she won the gold in the 800 free. She is actually from my home town. About eight years ago I was training for a triathlon and her coach coaches one of the swim clubs in the area. I knew her coach through my old high school coach because they had known each other for a long time. She and I practiced in the same pool at the same. One day after practice I was sitting on the block talking to her and we were just talking about life in general and It was before I came out to California, and I said, “Yeah, I am going to Los Angeles and keeping all my options open.” I just said it in a general context. I remember it like it was yesterday, She looks directly at me at eye-level (I was sitting on starting block and she was standing right in front of me) she told me with a long sigh, “Always keep your options open.” Sometimes after practice the endorphins go to your head and the truth comes out like you are almost intoxicated. It was like I saw a glimpse of her soul under there. All I could do was shake her hand and say “Thank You.” It was a really moving experience because you read about all the egos and rivalries and it was so heart-warming to see somebody on that level genuinely care. I was speechless. I am very grateful for her telling me that because whenever I hit a road block or challenge in Los Angeles, I always remember what she told me and it helps get me through. I realized that sometimes the angeles are not always on your shoulders, they are standing right in front of you.

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