8 Unforgettable Decoration Ideas for a Unique Destination Wedding


Destination weddings are in fact mesmerizing and wonderful. Tying the knot amid lovely landscape, beautiful scenery and blossoming delights is a fantasy that most people dream of. Whether you choose an ocean area or a mountain top for your destination wedding, decoration is the one you can’t forget to do on your special day. Here are some useful ideas that can help you make your destination wedding decoration unforgettable:


 Hang paper lanterns

Wish to make your guests get shocked to see your perfect wedding decor? Think about hanging paper lanterns with a support at your selected place of destination wedding. Such a decoration can help you take your marriage aesthetic to a completely new level. Paper lanterns are inexpensive, so can hang hundreds of them to create an aesthetically pleasing theme to your marriage ceremony.


 Create a cocktail bar

In your destination wedding, people come for a far place. On their arrival, you should make them refresh and be in jolly moods. A bar with their favourite drinks can be an excellent place for them. You can use custom labels for wine bottles to hint your guests on their favouritedrinks, and they will be pleased to find their preferred drinks.

 Stick signs and labels

Like a hometown wedding, you can use stickers and labels to decorate the place of your destination wedding. To greet your guests, you can use welcome wedding signs at the entrance of the venue. Further, you can use custom stickers and labels to instruct guests for their seats and marriage ceremony details at the venue.

 Consider centrepieces and flower hanging 

For a seating dining or marriage ceremony, you can place flower pots in the middle of the tables put there. Further, you can hang small pots with a few colourful flowers from the ceiling to bring a lively colour to the venue of your destination wedding. Apart from being an excellent addition for your wedding photographers, flower hangings will make your guests feel awe.

 Install chalkboards 

Looking for an addition to your destination wedding decor? Installing a chalkboard along with a cocktail bar will be an amazing option. You can personalise your chalkboards as per the theme of your wedding decor. With this, you will have a simple, but aesthetically pleasing decor at your destination wedding.

 Place coloured utensils 

Rent coloured glassware and other utensils for decoration as well as serving foods if you are willing to go hardcore for setting a theme. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic look of your wedding, placing colouredutensils and centrepieces will surely make your wedding stand apart from all the recent weddings.

 Use plants 

Short on decor ideas for your destination wedding? Using a natural theme will be excellent if you are tying the knot in an overseas hotel or resort. Integrate small to mid plants to your wedding setting. In addition to bringing a livelier look, installing small plants will fetch an aesthetic touch to your destination wedding decor.

 Think about pom poms 

With bright colour, pom poms are excellent decorative pieces for any event, as they can work as centrepieces and accentuate your wedding aisle. You can make paper pom poms yourself or buy in bulk from any online/offline seller.

 Install lights 

Without the use of lights, decoration has no sense, especially when the event is after sunset or inside a closed area. With careful selection and installation of lights, you can make your destination wedding decorations a unique one. Use your creativity or get the required assistance from an experienced wedding planner to make your decor different. 


There is hardly anything that can beat the visual appeal of your wedding decors. Whether it is a hometown or destination wedding, proper planning and implanting great ideas can help you create an attractive look to your wedding decorations and a photorealistic appeal to the entire event of your marriage. The guests attending your wedding will feel plunged in decor, and your wedding will be unforgettable for them. In fact, decoration is closely associated with your creative thinking or the planner you hire for your wedding. Close coordination between both of you can help you make your destination wedding a unique one. 



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