7 Ways to Make Real Money as Stay-at-Home Mom


Today’s tech-driven world has given us all a myriad of remote work opportunities to choose from. With the rising trend of remote work, moms that want to build a career and a stable income without sacrificing their parenting role can make money while staying at home.

Depending on your experience, skills, and interests, you can build a career during a pandemic as a mom that will ensure you and your family more financial freedom.

Let’s explore seven ways you can make a living as a stay-at-home mom!

1. If you are a natural storyteller, try out content and copywriting


Those of you who have your way with words can monetize this talent in multiple ways. Writing guest posts for blogs is one. Starting a blog is another way a wordsmith can make money. You can allocate your time so it’s aligned with both your creative capacity and your family’s needs.  

Also, numerous companies will pay you to create web content. If you are a newbie in this industry, your earnings may be modest in the beginning, but once you have published articles, you can use them as writing samples and increase your rates. 

Making your own hours and determining your workload are some of the perks of freelance writing.  

2. Tech-savvy moms can earn by cashing in on Bitcoin


If you are into the latest tech innovations, the world of cryptocurrencies offers an amazing income opportunity for you! Learn about how bitcoin mining works as it can be highly lucrative. And since the mining rig is doing all the hard work, it’s a great option for busy moms.

When looking for mining hardware, make sure it’s home friendly. Its noise levels should be lower, and for greater profits, choose a model with high hash rates. 

There are online communities that offer tutorials and forums for moms looking to earn crypto, so educate yourself well before dipping your toes in the crypto game. 

3. If creativity is your thing, explore graphic design

graphic design

Graphic design can be a natural fit for creative moms. If you have experience with illustration and creating stunning visuals, even better! Captivating visuals are vital in today’s market, so it’s a great chance for creative souls out there to make a living. 

You can search for jobs on Upwork, a monitored platform for freelancers, or other freelance platforms. You set your own fee and make a schedule based on your creative capacity and your childcare responsibilities.  

4. Tutor students online

When it comes to making an income from home, becoming a teacher who tutors students online is a simple way to make a living. VIP Kids is one of the top online tutoring platforms where educators teach English to kids in China.

Teachers in VIP Kids must have a bachelor’s degree, but classes are only 25 minutes long, so moms can juggle work and childcare. Educators are paid per class, and the base pay rate is between $7–9 per class, plus incentives like income bonuses.  

5. Consider bookkeeping if you are good with numbers


For those of you with a background in accounting of any kind, bookkeeping can be a great source of income. Many businesses are looking to use outsourced bookkeeping services. If you are good with numbers, you can track the financial transactions and accounts for your clients.

A high school degree or GED is all you need to work as a bookkeeper, but investing in professional training can increase your value. 

This job is worth looking into as the hours are flexible, and there is a potential for a decent income. Also, the start-up costs are minimal.

6. Demand for virtual assistants is on the rise

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are now conducting their operations online, and some of them are looking for extra help. Some businesses are seeing an increased demand for their offerings, while others need a helping hand to stay competitive during these trying times. 

Stay-at-home moms with good organizational, time-management, and communication skills can work as virtual assistants for either companies or entrepreneurs. 

What’s also great about this job is its flexibility. You set your own hours, so it’s easier to take care of your kids, and the start-up costs are very low. You also set your rates and chose who to work with.

7. Sell your crafts online


If you are good at making goods like toys, jewelry, or even digital products like templates or checklists, you can leverage these skills and sell the goods online. This is a great way for moms to make a living from home. 

You can sell your crafts on Etsy, create your online store, or take advantage of social media platforms to offer your hand-made items.

When you’re a stay-at-home mama, a flexible schedule is vital, and when selling products you make, you can set a limit for weekly orders. And you can create real money while doing something you love.


Consider the skills and interests you have, and then do thorough research on your desired jobs. And remember: there are many ways to earn money, you just need to find what works for you and your family.

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