7 Diet Secrets French Women Don’t Want You to Know

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Marvelous wine, appetizing pastry, and delicious cheese – these are the foods that spring to mind when we think of France. With so many guilty pleasures to indulge in, you can’t help but wonder: How do French women manage to stay so slim? Here, we’re sharing some of their best diet secrets (that they don’t want you to know!).

Incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet

French women understand the importance of eating fresh produce, which is why they’ll often go grocery shopping or head to a nearby market to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Canned, dried, and frozen varieties are certainly great alternatives for produce that’s not in season.

However, French women generally gravitate towards fruits and vegetables that are fresh and seasonal. They’ll often accompany their dishes with plenty of rich, colorful seasonings and fragrant herbs as well. Their fridges are also a lot smaller and store fewer food items. This means regular grocery shopping trips are a must for French ladies, and they’ll go shopping for groceries every couple of days.

Eat less processed foods and more whole foods

While they may be convenient, processed foods are not exactly a staple in French women’s diet. Rather, they are an exception while whole foods are pretty much the norm for many French ladies.

They focus on eating high-quality meals to which they add lots of fruits and vegetables, and they do so at practically every meal. By eating more whole foods, French women have greater control over the amount of sugar, fat, and salt they take in. Plus, since whole foods are free from additives, there is no need to read nutrition labels.

Swap sodas and alcohol with plain water

Another thing that allows French women to stay thin and healthy and maintain a fit physique of theirs is the fact that their main beverage during meals is plain water. It is used as a refreshment between meals, cleansing and preparing the palate for the next dish. Alcohol and other beverages are reserved for special occasions only, and they aren’t usually served at meals. Now, that is not to say that French women never drink.

In fact, they will have a glass of wine from time to time, and they will very much enjoy it. However, they won’t drink wine at every meal, and they certainly won’t drink it as an alternative to water.

Focus on eating nutritious, balanced meals

For French women, making sure that their meals are nutritious and balanced is a form of self-care. They enjoy taking care of their health the same way they enjoy taking care of their appearance.

To them, eating well is seen not as punishment but as a way to feel good in their skin. They’ll often resort to natural products to supplement their diet with, especially aloe vera which is quite popular among European consumers. Not only is taking an aloe immune supplement a great way to improve the immune system but also a way to reap some digestive health benefits. When it comes to keeping their bodies fit, it helps that French women are naturally good at regulating their meals. This, in turn, helps them keep everything in perfect balance.

Opt for smaller portion sizes

In France, portion sizes are rather small compared to other cultures. This makes occasional indulging in high-calorie, sugary foods feel a lot less guilty and a lot more pleasurable particularly because of the small portion sizes.

Aside from eating smaller meals, French women also don’t really engage in calorie-counting. They simply don’t feel the need to do so when they’re already doing such a great job at creating healthy, balanced meals. Although a varied diet generally provides the body with all the essential nutrients, some people may require supplements. In that case, it is important to note that not supplements are created equal. How long it’ll take to feel the effects of vitamins and minerals will vary from person to person, and your level of deficiency and supplement type will be key factors in the process. Although not a substitute for a healthy diet, taking supplements may be beneficial to individuals with a restrictive diet that lacks variety.

Choose quality over quantity

French women know how great it feels to indulge in tasty, delicious comfort foods. That being said, they won’t overdo it and treat themselves each and every day. For instance, they’ll go out and have an organic, grass-fed steak every once in a while. In the meantime, they’ll stick with healthy meals such as salads topped with top-quality olive oil and delicious vegetable soups.

They won’t go out and have processed meat every day or reach for cupcakes and brownies on a regular basis. They’ll rather eat the real thing every now and then and bake their own cakes at home. Moderation is key, and choosing quality over quantity is essential.

Practice mindful eating

The last diet secret of French women doesn’t have to do as much with food as it has to do with the sole act of eating. To French, eating is very much like an art form, and each meal is a chance to engage all the senses and be mindful of all the aromas, colors, textures, and flavors.

Eating consciously and mindfully and savoring each bite is very important, and food is there not to solely curb hunger but also to be admired and appreciated. Most importantly – it’s the way to rediscover pleasure. Image editing encompasses all the methods of modifying digital photos, whether they are traditional photo-based shots digital photos, chemical illustrations, or computer generated images. There are a lot of photo editing tools in the market, with several forms for different purposes. The most commonly used image editing software is the Paint Shop Pro. But there are others available like CorelDraw, Paint Shop, and Adobe Photoshop, and each has its own features and advantages over the other.

The key to eating more mindfully is in letting your body tell you when it needs food and then taking the time to eat it right, which means eating slowly, chewing for longer, and appreciating every single bite.

Wrapping up

Not only are French women epitome of elegance and sophistication, but they also know a thing or two about staying slim. Now that you know their diet secrets, you can easily implement them and set yourself up for healthy eating success.

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