6 Things Design-Obsessed Dog Lovers Need in Their Home


There are people who obsess about their canine friends, and then there are people who love all things design. And then there are people who are design-obsessed dog lovers! They treat their four-legged friends as their children, and they are always on the lookout for things that can make their home even more stylish and up-to-date.

Because they love dogs and design equally, it’s only natural that they’d look for ways to combine the two and express their personality through pet-themed decor items. With that in mind, we’re listing six things all design-obsessed dog lovers need in their home.

Stylish storage tins for your pet’s food

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Keeping your canine friend happy and healthy means feeding them quality dog food and treating them to some delicious treats when they’ve been extra obedient. Now, most people like to keep things practical and functional, so they’ll put their pet’s food on display for easier access.

As someone who likes to keep things aesthetically-pleasing (which most dog food packages are definitely not), you want to take things a step further and get some cute containers for storing your pet’s food. A set of stylish storage tins can be an easy, practical, and stylish solution. Get one that best matches your home decor and color palette, and you’ll have no problem keeping the pet food fresh and your interiors stylish.

A stylish dog bed to keep them cozy

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When you’re a pet parent, making sure that your four-legged friend is comfy is a top priority, but this is also something where you can showcase your sense of style. Now there are plenty of options when it comes to dog beds and mattresses, from pet sofas and donut dog beds to the ones that have heating and cooling features. They also come in a variety of colors and materials so you can easily incorporate them into your home decor.

While comfort is definitely king, why not use this chance to play with colors and patterns and make your pet’s bed merge with the rest of your interiors?

An artsy and stylish custom dog print

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As a proud pet parent, framing favorite pictures of your four-legged friend can make for some great wall art. But why not take things a step further? With just a few clicks, you can rely on the skills of digital artists to create some gorgeous custom pet portraits and transform your pet’s photo into a masterpiece on a canvas. Not only is this a cute and easy way to adorn your walls but these portraits also make for sweet keepsakes you will treasure forever. 

If you’re looking for something fun and silly to add to your walls but want to keep it pet-themed, this can be just what you need to personalize your interiors and take your home decor to another level.

A cute pillow in the shape of your furry friend

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Speaking of silly home decor pieces, this next thing is something you can easily DIY, and it can be a fun addition to your living room sofa. This is also something where you’ll need your pet’s photo and the help of a skilled professional.

After taking a picture of your dog, head to your local printer. They’ll rely on a professional transfer technique, after which you’ll just need to sew the front part (with the photo) and the back together. Even with basic sewing skills, you can manage to create a cute pet-shaped pillow and add a playful accent to your sofa.

A bed sheet set with a cute pup print

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Looking to add a cute and artful accent to your bedroom? How about dressing your bed in a nice bed sheet with a cute pup print? Whether you go for something vibrant and bold or prefer to keep things neutral, there are tons of options when it comes to bed sheet prints.

When paired with some stylish throw pillows, your bed will become the star of the show, and the playfully printed bed sheets will only highlight this focal point and make it stand out even more.

A cheeky doormat for a warm welcome

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Your doorway is another place that you can decorate and really let your love for canines shine. Instead of opting for a plain and boring doormat, go for something cheeky and fun.

Mats with captions such as “Hope you like dog hair”, “Wipe your paws”, or “I work hard so my dog can have a better life” are a fun way to greet your guests and wish them a warm welcome while still being a cheap and cute addition to your abode. Plus, it makes for a great housewarming gift for another dog lover in your life. 

Wrapping up

A home is a place where you can express yourself and let your personality shine. If you’re just as obsessed with dogs as you are with design, make sure to incorporate some of these dog-inspired items into your interior design, and you’ll be taking it from basic to bougie in no time.





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