6 Reasons Why Team Sports Are Good For Your Health


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Remember when you were just a kid and played football, basketball or handball at school with your fellow classmates? What a time that was! Nowadays, the only sports activity that you have (unless you’re a pro athlete) is hitting the gym by yourself and working on your body the way you think is best. What few people know is that team sports in teenage years and even adulthood are better for your health. First of all, there’s the exercising element (which, of course, you have while exercising alone as well), but being on a team can significantly enhance your health in general . Take a look how:


The training is more consistent

Training with a team doesn’t give you the option to choose when to work out, and you certainly cannot just skip training because you have a lot of things to do. This is what makes the whole training more consistent. Moreover, training with a group of people precludes you from taking a break whenever you want to; which is definitely good for you as you won’t cool down, but continue to burn calories, which is extremely important if you’re fighting obesity, for example. This helps your body to boost immunity and it contributes to your overall physical health.


It’s healthier

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One of the differences between individual and team sports is that being in a team gives you access to many health professionals who work with the players, such as doctors and nutritionists. Moreover, there is a whole group of people who will take care that you pursue your specific health goal. Teamwork has always been good for improving the overall health of athletes, as all members have the same goal – to have everyone in the team healthy and strong.


Teamwork makes you smarter

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Students who participate in team sports during high school often have higher GPA scores than students who don’t participate in any sport. Being in a team can help you build up your communication skills and work on your time management skills. Teamwork is extremely important, and morale is always boosted once the team wears the same popular basketball uniforms, or of any other sport for that matter, and when they have to step on the court. Doing a team sport is a fun way to exercise your cardiovascular health which will definitely make your brain cells more active.


It improves your self-image

Being a member of a team can definitely boost your self-esteem which is very important. What the team you’re in can also contribute to is less depression, stress and anxiety, mostly because of the positive social interactions that team sports create. If you feel good about the way you are and the team you’re in, you will definitely be more satisfied with the way you look and your self-image in general.


It makes you happier

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First of all, training with a team is definitely more interesting than working out by yourself at the gym. According to a study, the relationship between physical activity in the form of a team sport and life satisfaction is very close, meaning that athletes who participate in team sports are generally more satisfied with their lives. The social interactions that they encounter on a daily basis can produce great feelings of self-satisfaction which definitely makes a person happier.


It teaches respect

Even though this is something that is extremely important for children and teenagers, it can come in handy to adults as well. Being a part of a team means that there is an authoritative person you have to obey and respect, such as a coach or a referee. Not only that, it teaches how to be fair and understand others’ point of view, regardless of how much it differs from our own.


Yes, the most important thing is that you work out and stay fit, regardless of the how. However, if you have the option to, always choose a team sport over regular gym sessions. Try it for at least some time, and you’ll see the difference.

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