5 Ways Social Networks Help Alleviate the Stress of Lockdown and COVID-19


For all the reasons we condemn social media and their leaders, we can’t deny the fact that these networks bring numerous benefits to our modern way of life. Many would say that we tend to use social media way too much, that SM networks know too much, and that these networks can be exploited for nefarious causes, like spreading misinformation.

While it is true that social media is a double-edge sword, it’s also important to note that its proper use can have numerous benefits, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that people around the world are forced to self-isolate and keep their distance from others, stress and anxiety are increasingly becoming a part of their daily lives.

Social media might just be the tool they need to alleviate some of that pressure and elevate their quality of life. Here are the five ways that social networks can help overcome the COVID-19 challenges at home. 

The right information with proper filtering

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There are many reasons why people consume social media, and one of the main ones is definitely for news and keeping up to date with current events. Now, this can be good or bad depending on the way people filter their social content, and the way that SM networks regulate the flow of information while censoring misinformation.

In the case of the pandemic, social media networks can be gold mines of useful information and education, particularly when it comes to battling antivax conspiracies. Now that social networks are heavily regulating the flow of information and stifling the spread of conspiracy theories, people can gain access to credible data and educate themselves on the latest COVID-related matters as well as the new vaccines and the benefits they bring.

Providing entertainment and light-hearted content

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Even though social media, when used right, has a huge potential to educate global audiences on various matters, its primary use is entertainment. People want to escape the stress of the pandemic and the lockdown by visiting a digital environment filled with light-hearted content like memes and entertaining videos. 

Needless to say, using social media for entertainment purposes is not good for the users but for the companies as well. By shifting their focus on publishing content with a high entertainment value, companies can appeal to the stressed-out audiences and attract them with positive messaging and a good old laugh. 

Facilitating socialization for the most isolated groups

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Social distancing has caused a lot of stress for millions of people around the world. Regardless of age and gender, people are feeling isolated and alone, and they crave social interaction. While physical interaction is not a good idea in many areas around the world, people can still interact via social networks and online groups.

For example, people over fifty and seniors are two of the most isolated groups right now, which is why social groups for seniors have become so popular on social networks around the web. Seniors are now creating their own social groups with like-minded people in order to socialize and talk, play online games together, exchange ideas and simply be in each other’s lives during this difficult time.

Enabling creativity and content creation

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Social networks can spark creativity in people of all ages in times of social isolation and mundaneness. By exchanging ideas with others on social networks, subscribing to creative channels and influencers, and by following accounts with a high creative and entertainment value, people can become more creative themselves. This results in more people posting creative content more frequently on social networks, which sparks interaction, engagement. 

Motivating people to adopt healthy habits

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Last but not least, social networks can help improve physical and mental health by motivating people to adopt healthier lifestyle habits. It’s easier than ever before to adopt unhealthy habits when confronted by the pressures of self-isolation and the pandemic, which is why people need a way to motivate themselves to lead healthier lives.

By talking to other like-minded individuals, joining social groups, and subscribing to motivational accounts on different networks, people can find the motivation they need to boost their well-being. Of course, the emphasis here is on comfort, and social networks give people the motivation but also the concrete steps they should take to adopt a healthy habit, or just do something good for their physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Wrapping up

Social networks and social media have the potential to elevate our well-being in difficult times. During the pandemic, these networks can help bring people together, help companies make an impact, and boost the dissemination of relevant, and factual information across the globe.

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