5 Ways to Make Sure the Groom Looks Sharp on Your Wedding Day


Your wedding day is the day you celebrate love and it’s a moment that you will cherish and remember forever. This is why it is completely understandable that this big day requires extensive preparations including the venue, the music, the guest list and, of course, the outfits. Therefore, the bride will start looking for her dream wedding dress months in advance, but what about the groom? The man of the hour also needs to look elegant and fashionable on his wedding day just like his gorgeous bride. 

Here are five tips that will help any future groom look amazing on his wedding day. 

The suit must be tailored


For the vast majority of men, the outfit choice for their wedding day will be a suit. Another great option is a tuxedo if the groom prefers a more formal way of dressing. In any case, it is essential that the outfit is tailored. There is nothing worse than seeing a man in a suit that hangs on him or that is too tight. Especially for a day as important as the wedding day, the groom should invest the effort in finding a good tailor that will adjust his suit or tuxedo so that it fits him perfectly. 

In case your future husband simply doesn’t show too much interest in finding his outfit or in other wedding-related matters, try to get him more involved in the process of organizing and have patience. Don’t forget that this is a beautiful but also quite stressful period for you both. 

Don’t forget about the accessories


While the bride will have plenty of little details that will complete her wedding day look, some essentials for the groom should not be overlooked. Besides the suit, a stylish groom will look dapper with a sophisticated watch. Whether to go for a leather or a metal strap is a matter of choice, but a luxurious, modern watch is a must for any man on his big day. A bride can take part in this and gift the man of her dreams an engraved watch as a wedding gift. 

Moreover, the elegance of the groom will be more pronounced if he decides to wear some unusual but dazzling accessories, such as money clips and cufflinks. Although it may seem a bit unnecessary, a man of class will get one or two elegant money clips that he can have by his side at all times, even on his wedding day. Another little detail that is a mark of a confident and fashionable groom is luxurious cufflinks. Although not as noticeable as some other accessory, the right choice of subtle cufflinks can truly elevate any look.

Pocket square or boutonniere


A pocket square is an essential detail in any wedding day outfit. This intricate piece can complement the shade of the bride’s gown or can simply add a pop of color to the groom’s neutral-looking suit. However, if your future husband doesn’t like this traditional form of accessorizing, he can go for a creative boutonniere. The flowers on this piece can be the same ones the bride’s bouquet is made from, or he can also choose a classic and romantic red rose. Moreover, the boutonniere doesn’t have to be composed out of flowers; a modish option can be seasonal leaves or vines. 

It’s all about grooming


A handsome man of the hour must pay attention not only to his outfit but also to his skin and hair. Thus, he should clean and nourish his face daily and also pay a visit to a hairstylist a few days prior to the wedding. To look even more exquisite, he can decide to get a fresh, new haircut and look elegant and trendy simultaneously. In case the groom rocks a trendy beard, he should make sure that it looks neat and that it is properly trimmed while using different products, such as beard oil, that helps the beard look perfect. 

Both comfort and style when it comes to footwear


The best shoes for a groom are the ones that fit into his overall style but are also comfortable. The groom must look classy while at the same time feeling free and comfortable enough to spend the day and the night on the dance floor. Leather cap-toe shoes, in black or brown, are a pair that symbolizes sophistication, so they are an excellent choice. Grey or nude Chelsea boots can complement the color of his tie or will go with the stilettos the bride chose to wear. Alternatively, a pair of burgundy loafers will spice up a linen suit that your future husband opted to wear for a summer wedding.

Finally, don’t forget that the key detail that makes any groom look dazzling is the love he feels for his future wife. So, start preparing on time and enjoy the big day.


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