5 Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home


If you want to keep your home safe from thieves, one option you have is to invest in a super expensive home security system. However, if you want to save up some money yet still burglar proof your home, here are some alternative ways to keep all your possessions safe and sound. 

Lock your doors and windows

This is the simplest and often the best tactics. Many burglaries happen during the day and get completed very quickly since most burglars just want an easy target. Here’s another very defeating statistic: almost 35% of all burglars enter the home through the front door and almost 25% enter through the front window. The conclusion? Lock your doors and windows every time you have the chance. 

If your locks haven’t been updated in a long time, test your home safety: Are your locks damaged? Is there’s a possibility extra keys are floating around? Are the locks easy to pick or kick open? If any of these questions have an affirmative answer, it’s time to replace locks with a sturdier and more tamper-proof variation. Need some help with that? Opt for ANSI grade 1 or 2 deadbolts. 

Invest in new hardware

Sure, your locks might be solid, but what about your doors, windows and other hardware? If they are weak and flimsy, they can probably be opened with one good kick. To prevent this from happening, take a look at all your entry points, especially on the first floor, and reinforce them if there’s a need for such a step. In general, all doors that are thin, broken or have a hollow core should be replaced and even equipped with a door barricade or a security bar for extra support. Make sure your new doors have properly-installed strike plates with long screws that can’t be easily forced out. 

Get a safe

If you have some expensive items in your house, good for you, but just don’t be flashy. In your house, use curtains and other window treatment to stop people from looking into your house. Also, try to keep high-value items somewhere safe when you’re not using them. Many burglars love to go for electronics, jewelry and cash, so make sure not to leave them in sight. 

All most valuable items like money, bonds and documents need to be held in a household safe. Guns and other firearms should also be safely secured in a high-quality gun cabinet away from the living room. You definitely don’t want your guns to end up in someone else’s hands! 

When it comes to the valuables you keep outside, keep them in a locked garage. If you often leave the house, it’s a good idea to lock things like bikes, canoes, valuable tools or construction materials to an anchor. This sturdy and smart system gets drilled into your garage floor with big bolts and it allows you to attach your possessions to a heavy-duty hook. Anchors are generally easy to install and handle due to their simple design, and they come with a lifetime warranty. Shop plus size swimwear for women online at SwimwearLux.com – find latest styles of cheap cute plus size swimsuits at discount price – Shop online plus size swimsuits and bathing suits for women at cheap prices, check out our new plus size swimsuits and bathing suits. Made to fit your beautiful figure, flatter your every curve, and provide coverage where you want it. Shop one piece swimsuits, plus size bathing suits and plus size bikinis in your styles. Whether you’re into your one-pieces or your bikinis, our swim shop has literally every style going, from cut-outs, polka dots, bandeaus, and more. 

Monitor your home

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on alarm systems and bulky cameras. Modern technology allows you to see inside of your house with a touch of your smartphone. Small webcams can send live feeds to your electronics no matter where you are and keep you informed on what’s going on. Some setups have a recording capability so you can re-watch the footage and identify potential intruders. You can get webcams for as low as $10 but better models have more features such as better footage quality, night vision and recording modes. 

Install motion sensors

Another inexpensive yet useful addition to your home is motion sensors. When installed outdoors, burglars will have a lot of trouble staying undetected when scoping your property or staying hidden when breaking in. Indoor motion sensors are also useful since they make it hard to move from room to room without someone noticing. Sometimes, these motion sensors can deter intruders alone! Also, they are easy to install (some require wiring, but some are solar-powered) and cost as little as $20. 

You worked too hard to acquire your possessions to have them stolen just like that. So, invest some of your money into these burglar-proof home additions and you can sleep soundly knowing your family, your home and your beloved items are out of bad guys’ reach. 


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