5 Tips to Decorate a Teenager’s Room


Teenagers are moody, and they obviously require some more attention and care than the grownups. There are times when you will find them spending their day in bed, so you have to make sure that their bedroom is comfortable enough and it has all the things that interest them.

No teenager would want his or her room to be filled with Disney characters and stuffed toys, but they don’t need a fancy chandelier either. To make this work, you have to blend all aspects of life together. It is a quite challenging job to decorate the bedroom of a teenager, so here we have five simple and easy steps you can take to decorate the bedroom of a teenager:

Always remember the shelving and printing

A teenager’s life is the busiest, with things happening all the time, so they need a lot of storage for their stuff; and to keep their life organized. Geometric prints help look organized as well and they are fun too, so they apparently go well with the rest of the room.

Vibrant colors look better

Use bright and loud colors for the walls. Use white, red and black color on the walls. Allow their independent spirits to express themselves along with the colors. Every age demands a different sort of color which goes with their age and mentality.

Let one piece pop out

You can put strange things in the room such as a bath tub near the bed, or an upholstered bed; this will be unique and let your teenager know that you think of him or her as an adult already. If you’re not able to afford brand new furniture or things, do not let that stop you from getting creative. You can choose one spot in the room and decorate it and make it pop out with one color; by doing this the rest of the room will fade away, and that place will receive all the attention.

Don’t forget about the wall décor

If you’re short on space and want to express yourself more, then this is the best idea. Keep the room décor simple so the room isn’t that messy and they have everything organized. Give some breathing room to the chamber. Bright, colorful details add light energy to the bedroom and are instantly invigorating. Eclectic décor would be perfect as well.

Wallpapers are what you need after all

Wallpaper is available in so many different sizes, material, and colors now, with various prices obviously. It wouldn’t be too hard deciding on one wallpaper because there are too many designs and pictures to choose from. There is also an advantage that if you want the perfect one, it can even last forever. They can help you express yourself too yet fill a blank wall beautifully. You can get glow in the dark stickers and paste them on the ceiling to make it more enjoyable. You can even use a wall for your obsessions with random actors or bands, and put up posters on it.

I hope it helps. Have a great day!

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