5 Things Most Women Feel Insecure About

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Feeling insecure every now and then is a normal part of our lives. Even celebrities struggle with insecurities occasionally. The problem arises when our insecurities start to feel overwhelming and become all we ever think about.

The good news? Any flaws or imperfections you may have don’t have to dictate how you feel about yourself. Below, five things most women feel insecure about and ways to kick these insecurities to the curb.


We, as women, crave the feeling of being desired. As such, we need to be constantly reminded not only of how great we look but also of how great we are as a person. This need for continuous reassurance can often leave us feeling vulnerable since we’re constantly comparing ourselves to other women and looking for ways to feel more desirable to escape this feeling of inadequacy.

The reason why women are so insecure about their own desirability lies in the fact that most of us are looking at things and the qualities we don’t have. Instead of focusing on what’s lacking, we should all shift our attention to the qualities and traits we possess that make us unique and one of a kind. This is the best way to stop feeling like we’re inadequate and undesirable and start feeling like our most amazing, beautiful, and smart selves.


In the era of social media, women feel pressured to look their best all the time. This constant chase for perfection, whether in pictures or IRL, has many women striving to look like their favorite influencers, actresses, and celebrities on a daily basis, with many turning to makeup, filters, and cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired look.

Of course, some procedures can make us feel more confident about ourselves, especially when it comes to conditions that affect our general health while also being a cosmetic concern. In that case, going for a general surgery and receiving the right treatment can help tremendously both in terms of women’s health and confidence levels. Still, it’s important that we don’t start treating every single minor imperfection as an issue. Instead, we should embrace them, because they’re the ones that make us unique.


Another big insecurity many women are dealing with is their weight. While there are some general guidelines for what’s considered a healthy weight depending on your height, it’s important to not fall into the trap of over-obsessing about that little number on the scale. All bodies are different, and the constant pressure to look a certain way only creates more negativity and adds to our insecurities.

Instead of keeping track with the latest diets and analyzing every little detail on your body, try to focus on what you love about it. Avoid comparing your body to the images you see on social media, commercials, and magazines, and instead, embrace what’s real – those images most likely aren’t!

Physical intimacy

Most women also tend to feel insecure about how they perform in the bedroom. Now, physical intimacy is a key component of a healthy and happy relationship. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be some kind of pro in order to feel adequate between the sheets.

Being physically intimate is so much more than the physical act itself. It’s about emotions, the connection, and the passion and love you feel and want to demonstrate to your partner in a physical way. Instead of overthinking your ‘performance’ and letting the fear take over, communicate. Be open and honest with them, talk about what the two of you like, and have fun experimenting. As long as you two talk and find ways to keep things fun, you won’t have to think about whether they’re interested or not.


They say that age is just a number. However, a lot of women are overwhelmed by the idea of getting old, mostly in terms of life experiences. Due to societal pressures, women are expected to be married with children and a successful career once they reach a certain age (which is around 30). This puts a lot of pressure on women, especially when they see others who have their lives figured out, and they’re still wondering what they want to do about theirs.

This causes many women to feel insecure about themselves and often has them turning to various products to fight the aging process and maintain a youthful look to keep up with other women. The truth is, only you know when is the right time for each of those crucial steps in life. Instead of stressing about it and letting the anxiety and jealousy get the best of you, stay on your track, and embrace aging as it is – a natural part of life.

Wrapping up

While it’s impossible not to care about others’ opinions, it’s important not to let what others think about us control how we feel about ourselves. Sure, it’ll get tough at times, but if you put in the effort, you can manage to ward off those negative feelings and make room for personal growth.

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