5 Items to Check on Your Car Before Your Holiday Road Trip.


5 Items to Check on Your Car Before Your Holiday Road Trip. One of the most popular ways of traveling, especially for families, is a road trip. Traveling to a distant country has always been very popular, but it seems that the new trend of choosing a country and then deciding to see all of its corners and sightseeing it through your window is becoming bigger and bigger. But just like any other type of holiday, this one also needs detailed preparation. 

You might not have to think about the plane tickets and the transportation when you get to your destination, but you will definitely have to think about your car and making it very safe for the road trip that you are about to embark on. Without further ado, these are the five most important things that you need to check on your car before you plan out your holiday road trip:

Check your fluid levels

The most important thing that you need to do is check your fluid levels. “Checking the oil” is one of the most frequently heard sentences when checking the car is concerned, and it is not for nothing. However, oil is not the only fluid that you should check in the car. You need to know if the oil is the right colour (in case it is dark and black, then you should consider changing it). Apart from that, make sure to check other fluids in your car (and their colour of course), such as the wiper fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and so on. 

Mind your tires


Next up are the tires. This is one of the most obvious things that you should check in your car, regardless of whether you’re going on a road trip or not – checking the tires is always important. Since the tires are like the shoes of your car, you need to ensure that they are always high-quality and ready to endure the road trip that you are about to go on.

Since you do not really know what kind of terrain you will be dealing with (especially if you opt for an authentic road trip), it would be a great idea to get high-quality off road tyres that will help you easily go through terrain that is not really friendly for regular tires. 

Having these will ensure a great road trip that is completely different and unique. Some of the best places to see require people to go off the road with their car, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for that. As far as regular tires are concerned, do not forget to check if you have enough thread left on each tire. Also, always have a spare tire.

Brake or break it

Not checking the brakes before sitting in the car and traveling long distances can have catastrophic results, so this is one of the crucial things that you need to bear in mind. The best suggestion for this is to go to your mechanic or have someone who knows what they’re doing check your brakes as this is not something that people should take for granted. Let them check if the brakes are okay and if everything is working properly, and if not, have them replaced as soon as possible.

The drive belts also matter

This is not something that many people care for or remember to check, but it is one of the things that can cause big trouble if they are not working properly. When your mechanic starts checking your car, kindly ask them to go under your vehicle and examine the drive belt for any cracks. 

In case the drive belt is damaged or worn out, the chances of having a total engine shutdown are very high. Not only will you be unable to charge the battery of your vehicle, but it will also start overheating because the water pump is always run by the drive belt. 

The lights and wipers

Last but definitely not least, check your lights and wipers. All of your lights should be working properly as you never know when you will be using them and what conditions you might encounter on the road. Brake lights are also very important, especially because many people around the world take these lights for granted. Moreover, check the wipers. This is a rather simple task – spray the windscreen and see if the wipers are doing a good job.

Never underestimate the importance of checking your car before going on a road trip. It is also important to know that even if you’re renting a car in a different country, you have the right to ask if the car has been checked just to be sure that everything is in perfect order. Good luck and have a great road trip!

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