5 Advantages of Beach Weddings


Weddings come in all different sizes, settings, costs and varieties of all sorts. With new trends and changes, there are so many different weddings taking place all over the world, and one that has been growing in popularity is a beach wedding. But a lot of people don’t gravitate towards a beach wedding at first, because there are so many things they don’t know about it and they are afraid to dive in. But you’re about to read some amazing benefits of beach weddings that will surely put you in the mood to get some sand between your toes.

The costs are low

You might think that a beach setting would require a lot of money to transform and accommodate for a wedding. However, when you look at the enormous chunk of money that goes toward paying for a venue, you will see how much money you save. Most beaches you can get married on for free, while some require you to purchase a license – which is still a minimal cost compared to a venue. You’ll need some chairs, a beautiful arch to get married under and a dance floor, but that is it. But the venue is not where it ends. Beach weddings are usually much less formal than traditional weddings, which means you can cut down the cost of outfits and, of course, shoes! You can still have a beautiful wedding dress that can still go up into the thousands of dollars, but even with a dress on the lower side of the cost scale, you will look amazing.

Casual mood

Nobody really likes an official, stuck-up wedding ceremony where you have to listen to someone officiate for an hour before the vows are exchanged. Weddings are a place of celebration and fun, so a casual atmosphere is the ideal setting for such a wedding. For a wedding that is outside on the beach, you really can’t be too serious about it. The official part should be done pretty soon and then it’s on to the fun and partying. People will be barefoot, enjoying the beach and it will have the feeling of a family day at the beach, more than an official ceremony.

The most beautiful setting

The beach is such a wonderful, unique, romantic setting for a wedding that you really don’t have to do any decorating on top of what nature has given you. You will have the best pictures, the best atmosphere and the most amazing backdrop where the sea meets the sand. If you want to have the cover of an indoor space as well, look at some of the coastal cities, like the best outdoor wedding venues in Sydney which will give you both the beauty of the beach and the comfort and commodity of a fully-operational venue. Make sure that your wedding includes a sunset, because beach sunsets are literally the most beautiful mood and lighting you can ask for, and it’s all provided by yours truly – mother nature.

Quicker to put together

Traditional weddings need to be planned months – if not years – in advance. But a beach wedding really takes a lot less time, because you can skip a lot of the steps that a traditional wedding requires. You don’t need practically any décor because nature is providing you with it, you don’t need to book the venue and postpone your date a million times because that weekend isn’t free and because of how casual the setting is, you don’t have to do a lot of the formal things you normally would.

Perfect for a destination

If you live in a place that doesn’t have a beach, you have the perfect excuse to run off somewhere for a beautiful destination wedding. Sure, it will up the cost a bit, but you can choose any beach in the world and get married at the turquoise beaches in Bali or in the fun and tropical Caribbean. If you are doing a destination wedding, make sure you are working with a professional local wedding planner who will set everything up before you arrive, so that you aren’t stressing over things like language barriers, not knowing the laws and rules of the country or simply that you won’t be able to pull things together in the short time you have when you arrive.

Make sure that you are thinking about your guests, so if there’s anyone on the guest list who would have trouble moving across the sand, provide a stable surface, prepare some shawls for when the chilly sea breeze comes with the night and be respectful to nature by hiring a crew to clean up every bit of trash left after the wedding, to make sure you are leaving the beach just like you found it. Take a lot of pictures because nothing truly photographs as beautifully as the beach and have the time of your life.

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