4 Ways Karma From Your Past Lives Affects You Today


Our souls have a memory of their own. We refer to this memory as karma, and it represents the connection between our current life and our past incarnations. Karma is also a force that has a significant impact on our current life and it’s based on deeds from our past lives. If you’re wondering why karma matters so much, here are four ways karma from your past lives affects you today.

What goes around comes around

This popular expression is often associated with karma thanks to the way it’s portrayed in the media. Many of us tend to think that karma is only about the bad things we did in the past and suffering the consequences of those bad deeds in our current life. However, karma is so much more than that. It’s also about the good things we did in the past – there are both positive and negative karma.

It’s based on the principle that you’ll get what you give, and that you’ll become what you’ve done in past incarnations. For instance, if you stole from others or were stingy in a past life, chances are, others will steal from you in this life or there may be things you are lacking right now. To correct this imbalance, do your best to live your current life authentically and intentionally.

Your life today is the result of past incarnations

Our thoughts, our experiences, and everything our soul has been through – it’s all recorded on a vibrational level. These recordings contain information that can give you insight into everything from your past lives to situations occurring in the present to all the possibilities that future holds. Think of them as powerful tools in your spiritual tool kit that you can use to support you on your soul’s journey.

Given how our lives are the results of past incarnations, some of us may try to access those records in order to grow spiritually. Accessing these records is something you can do by getting an Akashic records reading from a certified guide. You can also learn the methods for accessing the records yourself. While our current lives may be influenced by a plethora of different factors, these records can provide clues into our past incarnations and gain clarity, guidance and wisdom about our current life.

Karma places everyone in your life for a particular purpose

Every person in your life, whether that’s someone you like or not, is there for a particular reason. Whether we’re talking about your partner, a friend, a family member, or an enemy, everyone in your life has been placed there by karma intentionally. They all carry lessons that you need to learn, and these karmic relationships are something we have no control over. They’ll happen regardless of our efforts.

Instead of fighting it, ask yourself: What is this person trying to teach me? What do I have to teach them? Why are they in my life? Many times it’ll be someone you’ve crossed paths with in your previous incarnations. The sooner you acknowledge that there’s karma that you need to experience and share with a particular person in your life through a karmic relationship, the sooner it’ll be settled.

It’s a never-ending process

Last but not least, you need to understand that karma is there to teach you something, and that it’s a never-ending process. Karma manifests in different ways, and until you learn from your past mistakes, you’ll continue to experience them over and over again in one way or another.

What this means is that you need to consciously decide to confront karma from past lives and use it as a learning experience. Sometimes, there may be some unresolved karmic debt that you need to repay. Instead of continuously putting yourself through recycled experiences, make an effort to address these issues instead of repeating the same patterns. When it comes to karma, there’s no expiration date, so it’s best that you unpack your karmic suitcase and sort through the luggage your soul has been carrying.

Wrapping up

While we can’t change the past, there are certainly ways to make things right in our current life. Leave the mistakes behind you, but make sure to use them as lessons to make your future brighter.

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